Mitsu Todai “Lighthouse” Coffee


At the Lighthouse Cafe coffee is served in a tumbler so you can feel free to walk out to the lighthouse at the mouth of the harbour and enjoy the seaside views while drinking your coffee. We hope that by using reusable cups the amount of new plastic waste will be reduced. You can even get the cups to-go.



The hot coffee will warm you up in the winter, and an iced coffee will keep you cool in the summer.

There are also Herbarium making and Sea Kayak excursions run by the cafe owner. Both activities must be booked in advance.

Great seaside views

Sit in with a delicious coffee

A Quaint Coffeeshop


Business Name Mitsu Todai "Lighthouse" Coffee
Business Hours 10am-5pm
Holidays/Closed Wednesday and Thursday
Address 〒629-3111 Kyoto, Kyōtango, Aminocho Mitsu, 4
Telephone 080-3865-0855
Language Support Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken

(Japanese only)

Payment Accepted Cash