Giant Gingko Illumination 2022

October 22nd to End of November

Giant Gingko Illumination 2022

From October 22nd to the end of November

The Giant Gingko Tree between Yuhigaura and Amino

Will Have It’s Autumn Illumination Switched On

Near the 135° Meridian monument along Hippara Pass (National Road 178) the giant gingko tree will be lit up to highlight the beautiful shade of golden yellow it changes to in the autumn. The lights are switched on between 5:00pm and 10:30pm. The last day of the illumination will vary depending on how quickly the leaves fall off

This spot is along the Kyoto-Tango Tetsudo Railway line making it a hot spot for trainspotters trying to get the perfect picture of passing trains.

On November 13th (Sun) there will be a nordic walk from Tachibana Assembly Hall to the tree meeting at 11:30am departing at 12:00 noon. The walk is about 3km one way along the rice fields. Poles are available to be lent, and the walk is open to all, from children to seniors.


October 22nd to End of November
Hikihara Pass (Between Yuhigaura and Amino)