Guardian Cat Festival 2022

Sept 17-19, Oct 16, 23

Guardian Cat Festival 2022

This September sees the return of the Guardian Cat Festival, a celebration of these furry friends who caught the mice that could have devastated the local silk trade.

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The main events are happening on the weekend of the 17th with some events in October too.

Sat, Sept 17th

Guardian Cat Prayer, wishing for a successful event and health and safety to all. At Kotohira Shrine at 5pm

Sat-Mon, Sept 17th-19th

Tango Cat Art Show, with the theme of Tango area cats this art show celebrates humans, cats, and their relationship. At Tanaka Furniture Gallery open 10am-4pm.

Draped Tango Chirimen Decorations, this exhibition of Tango chirimen shows innovative use of the fabric as a decorative piece. At Kotohira Shrine open 10am-4pm

Sun, Sept 18th

Konpira Hand Made Market, buy cat themed accessories, and lots of other fabulous hand made goods. At Kotohira Shrine open 10am-4pm

Cardboard Art, made by Senda Masahiko this exhibition is sure to push the boundaries of what you thought was possible with cardboard, there may even be some famous characters. At Kotohira Shrine open 10am-4pm.

Paint a Porcelain Cat or Cat Mask, personalize your own cat mask or statue. At Kotohira Shrine open 10am-4pm.

Eye of the Cat Display, featuring 365 porcelain cats arranged on a go board. At Kotohira Shrine open 10am-4pm.

Chirimen Community Art Project, use off-cuts to make fabulous art at this workshop. At Kotohira Shrine and Tanaka Furniture Gallery .

”A Steady Walk Through Mineyama”, showing of a stop motion video made with porcelain cats. At Kotohira Shrine .

Sun, Oct 16th

Cat Adoption Fair, helping to match homeless cats with people who are looking to adopt one. At Kotohira Shrine open 10am-3pm.

Sun, Oct 23rd

Discover Mineyama, this leasurly walk will take in some of the local history in Mineyama from about 400 years ago. Meeting at City Hall, at 9am, 3 km walk, cost is 500yen, reservations are necessary.

Wikipedia Update Party, updating wikipedia entries on local subjects and history. At Kotohira Shrine from 9am-4:30pm, cost is 500yen, reservations are necessary.

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Sept 17-19, Oct 16, 23
Kotohira Shrine, Tanaka Furniture Gallery, City Hall