Kyoto-Tango Dumpling Operation

November 23rd - 27th

Kyoto-Tango Dumpling Operation

Tango Kingdom will be hosting

The Kyoto-Tango Dumpling Operation

With lots of dumplings and other foods from around the country

November 23rd – 27th

From November 23rd to 27th you’ll have a chance to taste delicious ‘gyoza’, dumplings, as well as other foods. Entry is free, food tickets are 600yen for 1 ticket.

More than just food there is a lot of other activities and events happening too.

  • 23rd, 26th, 27th Sports activities with top athletes
  • 26th, 27th Music show with anime songs, reggae, and J-pop
  • 26th, 27th form 6:30pm Mega Bingo with prizes like PlayStation 5, iPad, Accommodation tickets, and more
  • 23rd-26th from 6pm there will be nightly fireworks
  • 27th from 6pm sky-lanterns will be sent up
  • 23rd-27th Puppy events (dog run, photoshoot, goods, and dog cafe)

There will also be a food drive if you want to drop something off for those in need.

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November 23rd - 27th
Tango Kingdom