Kyotango Art Festival 2023

September 23rd - February 25th

Kyotango Art Festival 2023

This autumn and winter discover Kyotango through the medium of art

This town wide art festival will feature art creations and workshops by local artists.

Between September 23rd and February 25th you’ll be able to experience unique artistic displays all around the city.

Watching Program

Bus tours will be put on by the city on a monthly basis so you can visit current sites.

Learning Program

There are various workshops you can join to learn and try potter, painting, and dance from local professionals.


On February 25th there will be a symposium held by the professionals from the learning program. It will be a great opportunity to think about the future of Kyotango’s art scene.

To learn more or make a booking please visit the official site.

Photo Gallery


September 23rd - February 25th