Kumihama Oyster and Fish Fair

19th January 2020

Kumihama Oyster and Fish Fair

The 34th Kumihama Oyster and Fish Fair will be held this January.

The food will be appropriately themed with grilled oysters and “big catch” hotpot on the menu.

It opens at 9:00AM with speeches from the organizers and the mayor, followed by the mochi-toss.

There will be a range of activities including:

  • Fish Scooping – Try and catch a hamachi (Japanese Yellowtail)
  • Auction Experience – Try and get a deal on some fresh fish

As well as some competitive events:

  • Speed eating – Crab Zosai (Japanese rice soup)
  • Bingo

And also there will be stalls with selling a wide range of items:

  • oysters in rice
  • fried oysters
  • pear trees
  • oyster udon
  • farm goods
  • and lots more

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19th January 2020
Kumihama, Shotenkyo, Kyoto Prefecture Fisheries Coop Harbour Branch