Japanese Auberge MATSU-TSURU is located on Kotohiki Beach on the Tango Peninsula, Kyoto Prefecture. The beach is famous for its “singing sand.”


Full Course of Crab Cuisine /A Whole 1kg Crab per Guest(NOT covered by the Go To Travel Campaign)

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜10:00

Matsutsuru is located on Kotohiki Beach on the Tango Peninsula, Kyoto Prefecture. The beach is famous for its “singing sand.” The perks of staying in Matsutsuru are lively conversations and meals made with fresh, seasonal local foods. We will welcome you with the utmost hospitality for our once-in-a-lifetime meeting. Come visit us at Kotohiki Beach on the Tango Peninsula—home of untouched, natural beauty that is uniquely Japanese.

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Crab Hot Pot

This plan is recommended for guests who want to try a variety of crab cuisine. It features 1kg fresh local crab per person. * Dinner -Aperitif -Appetizer -Crab sashimi -Grilled crab - Grilled crab shell (crab miso) -Boiled crab -Crab hot pot (please choose kani-suki or kani-chiri. *kani-suki: crab hot pot with soy sauce flavored broth/ kani-chiri: crab hot pot with broth made from kelp and eat with ponzu sauce.) -Crab tempura -kani zosui (rice porridge after crab hot pot) -Pickled vegetables -Home made dessert. * This room doesn't have a shower room and bathroom. * Free WiFi is available. * We have a shuttle bus from Amino Station. Please let us know in advance if you need. * Public hot spring bath hour:7am~9am/3pm~10pm

  • Grilled Crab Shell (crab miso)

  • Crab Tempura

  • Nakisuna Kotohiki Onsen is a 100% free-flowing natural hot spring.

  • One of Japanese-style Guest Rooms

Additional fee notice
**We do not accept any credit cards when you pay at our inn.
About service fees and taxes
Hot spring tax per person/night: adults JPY150
Cancellation Policy
** Cancellation charges begin 7 days from your check-in date.
* 30% charge of your total if canceled 4-7 days in advance.
* 50% charge of your total if canceled 1-3 days before.
* 100% charge of your total is canceled on the day of check-in or you are a no-show/no-contact.
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 00:00am 8 days

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