Posted: November 26

The Autumn Leaves of Kyotango

In Kyotango we have more than just the seaside. We have many hills filled with an abundance of nature. Join me for a mini-tour of two of the places you can view beautiful autumn leaves in Kyotango.

Garasha’s Village

First we travel deep into the hills of Yasaka to the village of Noma. This is where we find “Garasha no Sato” Garasha’s Village. During the warring states period Hosokawa Garasha (a christian convert) fled there after her father betrayed Lord Oda Nobunaga, leading to his death.

There are no remains from the time she spent here. However, there are some monuments erected to commemorate it.

The monument reads: The wife of Hosokawa Tadaoki lived here in seclusion.

No matter the weather these little shelters are the perfect spot for a hill top picnic. The names on them are Garasha and Midono (the name for the area when she lived here).

These rain shelters were constructed by high school students, it was funded by local contributions.

As you approach the summit of the hill there is a small path with some stairs you can take into the trees. The path leads to a landing with some benches, it would make for a good picnic spot too. From there, surrounded by the autumn leaves, you can immerse yourself in nature, marvel at the trees growing past you, and listen to a nearby waterfall; named after Garasha.

Otome-Jinja Shrine

The next stop on our mini tour is Otome-Jinja Shrine. It it named after the legend of an angel who fell in love with a mortal hunter. But after she returned to heaven they could only meet once a year.

The tori gate for Otome-Jinja Shrine

Even though it’s close to the road the glorious autumn leaves make you feel like you are surrounded by nature. It truly makes you feel like you are part of the season.

On the other side of the street is Tennyo no Sato “the Angel’s Village”. They have a lot of family friendly activities, and a small camp site. They also happen to have a lot of trees with some beautifully coloured autumn leaves.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our mini-tour around Kyotango. This really is just a sampling of the beautiful nature spots available. Click here for more outdoor locations in Kyotango.

If you want to explore these locations on your own then please use the following maps to find them.

Garasha’s Village

Otome-Jinja Shrine