Active Itinerary


Have an active experience in Kyoto's lesser explored coastal region. Enjoy a traditional Japanese ryokan stay and traditional crafts, see one of Japan's 3 Great Views, and more.




September & October


Rental Car


  • Ine, traditional fishing village and boat houses
  • Amanohashidate (One of the 3 great scenic views of Japan)
  • Traditional Ryokan Stay
  • Bike along the Amino Coastline
  • Experience Chirimen Crafting


In the unexplored parts of Kyoto you can relax in onsen ryokan and have your fill of the views of nature and the sea. On the first day, you can visit Amanohashidate, famous as one of Japan's three most scenic spots, and the Ine funaya boathouses, which have exploded in popularity recently. Then you can relax in the nature of Kyotango and stay in one of the many onsen ryokan. On day two you can use a rental cycle to explore Kyotango's famous sites and coastline and get your fill of the season. In this active holiday you can try a variety of activities in Kyotango, and find a balance between activities and relaxation.

Depart Osaka Umeda Station

Rent a car from Osaka Umeda Station

Pick up your rent a car form Osaka Umeda Station.

Getting to Kyotango Nippon Rent-a-car

Arrive at Amanohashidate

Have lunch at Amanohashidate

Famous as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, Amanohashidate has many souvenir shops, and restaurants.

Dining in Amanohashidate

Viewland Park

In northern Kyoto prefecture the land bridge between the Sea of Japan and Miyazu Bay is called Amanohashidate. Along with Matsushima in Miyagi prefecture and Miyajima in Hiroshima they make up the three most scenic spots in Japan. Amanohashidate is a sandy beach which runs for about 3.6km, and is covered in about 8000 pine trees of various size, it looks very unique. The name "Amanohashidate" comes from its appearance as a bridge stretching up to heaven. There are several ways to get the most out of Amanohashidate: you can take in the view from Amanohashidate View Land, walk or ride a bike along Amanohashidate, look at it from a boat, or swim at one of the swimming beaches and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Amanohashidate was voted one of the hundred must see places in Japan.

Cable car ticket (Adult):


Cable car ticket (Child):


Operating hours:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Viewland Website

Depart Amanohashidate for Ine -Funaya Boathouses

Explore Ine Bay

Upon arriving in Ine, take a ride aboard an Ine 'Sea Taxi', and be shown around the beautiful Ine bay. Despite facing the Sea of Japan, Ine Bay is very different from the image of those stormy waters. All along and facing Ine Bay the first floor of the houses are garages for boats, there are about 230 of these boathouses in all. The boathouses have even been declared an "Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings". With a chance to get a picture of the photogenic back of the boathouses, and the availability of sake tasting, Ine is a town you will definitely have a good time in.

Adult Ticket:


Trip Duration:

30 minutes

Sea Taxi

Take a walk around Ine

Explore Ine

After your boat ride around the port, enjoy a stroll through Ine and spend some downtime at the local Ine Cafe, or the Mukai brewery.

Ine Tourism Website

Depart Ine

Scenic drive along the San-in Geopark coastline

After departing Ine, head along Route 178 and enjoy some of the beautiful sites of the San-in Geopark's coastline.

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Kyogamisaki Lighthouse

A chalky white lighthouse that looms on top of a cliff 148 meters above sea level at the most northern point of the Tango Peninsula.

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Tango Matsushima

Tango Matsushima takes its name from its resemblance to Matsushima, one of the three great views of Japan. This is a beautiful spot to take photographs during the sunrise and sunset.

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Byobuiwa (folding-screen rock)

Byobuiwa rock is a andesite with a height of 13 meters, and was named for its resemblance to a Japanese folding screen (Byobu) as it rises from the ocean surface.

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Tateiwa Rock

Tateiwa, which represents the Tango area in the San’in Kaigan Geopark, is a huge monolith with a height of 20 meters.

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Arrive in Kyotango

Check in to your ryokan (Japanese Inn)

Find an Accommodation

Retire to your ryokan

Enjoy the evening in your comfortable ryokan

Spend the rest of the evening in your comfortable accommodation. Relax in the onsen (hot spring), look out over the sea, and enjoy a traditional Japanese dinner, the rest of the night is yours to do as you please.

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Rent a bicycle and

Bike along the Amino Coastline

Amino has the highest beach to coast ratio in Kyotango, including the singing sand beach of Kotohikihama. The beaches are still swimmable for the first half of autumn, but the waves grow as autumn passes and by the end they are more suitable for surfing. Also in the winter you can get a taste of the snow crabs, and Kumihama oysters. With so much fresh seafood in this town you can easily get your fill. The Amino area is bursting with interesting sites to be seen. From the green pine and white sand beaches of the San'in Kaigan National Park and San'in Kaigan Geopark, to the fishing harbor and historic shrines.

Depart from your Ryokan

Hire a rent-a-cycle from Amino Station

Hire a rent-a-cycle from Amino station for the day. The electric assist bikes make even cycling up hill a breeze.

Rent-a-bike fee:

1000 yen for 4 hrs

Rent-a-bike fee:

1500 yen for 1 day

Arrive at Kotohikihama Beach

Experience the Singing Sands

Experience the singing sands for yourself at Kotohikihama Beach.

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Arrive at Hatchohama Seaside Park

Explore the Seaside Park

Take a walk around the Seaside Park, from the beach and the playing field, to the fishing harbor and the shrine, it's a great place to watch the waves from.

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Pizza Picnic

uRashiMa Pizza

Rated the second best pizza in the world make sure you put your order in early as this woodfired pizza restaurant gets busy. Even if you don't have a menu just ask for their recommendation.

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Arrive at Shizuka Shrine

Shizuka Shrine

It's about 3.6km along some very rugged coastline to Shizuka Shrine. There is a observation deck you can use to get a view of the sea and the majestic coasline. The route is quite hilly so stopping at the 135 degree east monument about half way might be an idea. The views are still stunning.

Ride around Amino

A Leisurely ride around Amino

Take your time riding around Amino, and keep an ear out for the "gachan-gachan" of the chirimen looms. A lot of people still have looms in their homes to produce this exquisite local fabric.

Arrive at Amity

Handkerchief Dyeing

Choose from an array of patterns to decorate a handkerchief souvenir to remind you of your time in Kyotango. You can choose from either cotton, or chirimen fabric.

Activity Fee:

From 1080 yen per person

Handkerchief Dyeing Activity


After dyeing your handkerchief take a look around the shop and pick up some souvenirs for friends, family, and co-workers who weren't able to join you on your holiday.

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Return to Amino Station

Return the rent-a-cycles

Head back to Amino station and return the bikes, load your souvenirs into the car and head down to Yuhigaura.

Arrive at Yuhigaura

Check in to your Ryokan

After checking in take a walk around the streets of Yuhigaura, head down to the beach, or just chill in your room.


Dinner and Onsen

Enjoy the fabulous cooking of your ryokan's chef. You can really taste the difference when things are made with fresh local ingredients. Afterwards soothe your weary muscles in the onsen.


Taste the Freshness

Today discover the freshness of Kyotango for yourself with a pear picking excursion. Enjoy the stunning view over the Kumihama Bay and out to the Sea of Japan from a mountain top observation deck. And taste some Jersey ice cream made with locally reared cattle.

Depart the Ryokan

Check-out of your Ryokan

A little more Shopping

Pop into Kanihan on your way out of Yuhigaura to pick up any gifts you might have missed, and to see what else there is.

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Arrive at Tango Kingdom

The Largest Roadside Station in Western Japan

Tango Kingdom is the largest roadside station in Western Japan, it boasts flower gardens, event grounds, a host of restaurants, and orchards for fruit picking; this is where you will be headed first. Pears are in season from the start of September to the end of October. It doesn't get much fresher than eating something you picked a moment earlier.

Pear picking fee:

1350 yen for 1 pear

More info Home Page

Tango Kingdom Restaurants

There are quite a few restaurants to try at Tango Kingdom, browse around before settling on which one you want to eat at.

Depart Tango Kingdom

Mt. Kabutoyama Observation Deck

After parking at the Mt. Kabutoyama park you can hike up to the top and enjoy the view from the observation deck. On a clear day you can see all the way out to the Sea of Japan. There is a smaller platform which lets you look out at the historic town of Kumihama.

Depart from Mt. Kabutoyama

Dairy Kitchen Sora

The Sora dairy farm has its own herd of Jersey cows. From which they make a range of soft cheeses and soft serve ice cream. Stop here for a coffee & ice cream break before you hit the road again.

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Depart Kyotango

Heading Home

It's time to hit the road again and head back to Osaka. With lots of souvenirs we hope you will remember your holiday in Kyotango fondly, and visit again.