2-Day Tour of Tango Peninsula and Kinosaki Onsen

Limited Time Tour: October 20th (Fri) - 21st (Sat) & November 18th (Sat) - 19th (Sun)

Following the vision of artists, take a unique tour through Kyoto's seaside and Kinosaki Onsen to learn about Japan's ancient history, and catch a glimpse of its future

Through art that takes inspiration from the past to envision the future, and food made with the freshest seafood and seasonal vegetables, you'll learn about Japan's cultural and historic origins, on the Sea of Japan.

Day 1

Day 1 of the tour starts at Kyoto Station, you'll board the bus and come directly to Kyotango.

First stop is the Onaru Burial Mounds on a small cape in the Sea of Japan. In the 6th and 7th centuries funeral rites were performed here and 13 burial sites were established. It was at this sight of history, culture, and natural beauty that made the members of TOMORROW FIELD fall in love with the area, and start their art project here.
Next to the Onaru Burial Mounds is Tateiwa rock, the straight lines of the weather beaten rock face serve as inspiration for many artists. It is also the source of a local legend about a demon being banished.

Lunch will be at the Roadside Station where you will be served an exquisite meal with recipes designed by highly acclaimed restaurants: cenci, based in Kyoto, and Nawaya, based in Kyotango. The dishes will be made using local ingredients and are only available for a short time.
Also at Tenki Tenki Tango will be a Tango textile installation created by textile designer Yoko Ando and the Next Generation Architecture Team.

After lunch you'll visit a number of historic and cultural locations containing special art projects. The sites include: Takano Shrine, which was founded when Japan's 9th emperor, Emperor Kaika's, consort returned to her home in her later years; the Tango Ancient Village Museum where AAWAA (COSMIC WONDER), a work inspired by local history, is on display; and Shinmeiyama Burial Mounds, which is on a man-made hill next to Takano Shrine and is a symbol of the power that the ancient residents had over the Tango area.

After these three sites you'll visit Taiza Studio, the center of TOMORROW FIELD where, inspired by ancient buildings like Ise Shrine, the artists experiment with different construction styles to make connections between the past and the future. It's here that you'll be able to see their installation themed "Future Living".
After Taiza Studio you'll have some free time to wander around Taiza and take in its classic buildings made with burnt cedar, or relax for a spell by the seaside.

Dinner will be at Kai, a popular Japanese style pub in Taiza, where you'll enjoy fresh seafood, and seasonal vegetables.

After dinner the bus will take you to KISSUIEN hotel for the night. There is a Finish style sauna next door which you can use (sauna is not included in the tour, please pay separately). In the morning you'll be able enjoy KISSUIEN's luxury buffet breakfast, to set you up for day 2.

Day 2

On day two you'll visit the historic Moto Ise Naiku Kotai Shrine south of Kyotango. This shrine to Amaterasu (one of the main gods of the Shinto religion) was established around 59 BCE, 4 years before the famous Ise Shrine. Here in the mountains and clean air you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a relaxing walk around the shrine grounds.

Returning to Kyotango you will have lunch at Torimatsu. They specialize in Kyotango's famous dish 'barazushi' a layer rice dish with a variety of toppings on it.

After lunch you will go to the neighbouring picturesque historic town of Kinosaki Onsen, to visit the Japanese ryokan Mikiya, which has been in operation for about 300 years. The famous Japanese novelist Naoya Shiga stayed and did some writing there in the early 20th century. Modern artist Yoshihiro Suda and ceramic artist Akio Niisato have taken inspiration from the works of Naoya Shiga, and you will be able to appreciate their works in the room where Naoya Shiga stayed. This room is usually only accessible to hotel residents.

Leaving Mikiya you will go to Kinosaki Onsen Station where the tour will finish. While you wait for your train feel free to enjoy the 7 famous hot springs in Kinosaki Onsen at your leisure.

Tour dates

This tour will be held twice:
Friday, 20th of October - Saturday, 21st
Saturday, 18th of November - Sunday, 19th
Please specify which date you would like to attend in the registration form below.


(Some times may differ)
Day 1
8:50am Meet at Kyoto Station - Hachijo Guchi
9:00am Depart Kyoto Station on Tour Bus
11:30am-12:30pm Visit Onaru Burial Mounds and Tateiwa Rock
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch at Tenki Tenki Tango Roadside Station (menus designed by Nawaya and cenci)
1:30pm-4:00pm Visit Takano Shrine, Tango Ancient History Museum, Shinmeiyama Burial Mounds
4:00pm-5:00pm Visit Taiza Studio
5:00pm-6:00pm Explore Taiza at Your Own Pace
6:00pm Dinner at Kai Izakaya
Stay at KISSUIEN Hotel

Day 2
9:00am Leave KISSUIEN
10:00am-11:00am Moto Ise Naiku Kotai Shrine
12:00noon-1:00pm Lunch at Torimatsu
2:00pm-3:00pm Visit Mikiya

Departure for Kyoto at 4:31pm
Departure for Osaka at 5:15pm
Kyoto Station - Hachijo Guchi (八条口)
October 20th (Fri) - 21st (Sat)
November 18th (Sat) - 19th (Sun)
Guides are Provided
Cost 58,000 JPY per person
If there are any foods you do not or cannot eat please notify us when you register for the tour.
After the tour, connecting trains to Kyoto (departing at 4:31pm) and Osaka (departing at 5:17pm) should be booked separately through the appropriate rail companies.
For those wishing to stay in Kinosaki Onsen after the tour we can make recommendations for where to stay.
Per person 58,000 JPY
  1. Travel
  2. Accommodation
  3. Meals
  4. Guides at each location
20 days - 8 days before tour starts 20%
7 days -2 days before tour starts 30%
1 day before tour starts 40%
On the day before tour starts 50%
After the tour has begun/ no show 100%
  1. After registration, you will receive a link to pay by credit card (Visa, or Mastercard) in your email.
TOMORROW FIELD is an art project bringing beauty, philosophy and skills and knowledge from the past together to share it with younger generations.
Their works revolve around food, community, housing, communication, artifacts, and prayer. By creating works in these fields and creating interactions with artists, architects, artisans and chefs they try to rediscover the spiritual and natural gifts of the land and learn to integrate them into modern life.

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