Take a Beach vacation at a seaside village KYOTO - KYOTANGO 90 min. from kyoto


Coming to Kyotango

Kyotango is Kyoto’s seaside playground, you can get from the city to the beach in 2 hours.

Details on how to get here


Reasons to come to the beaches of Kyotango

  1. reason 1

    Warm tropical weather

    Warm summers keep the water at a comfortable temperature for swimming and the mild evening temperature is great for catching a beach sunset or watching the fishing boats’ lights bob in the night sea.

  2. reason 2

    Sandy beaches &
    crystal clear waters

    The sea in Kyotango is known for its beautiful clear waters, tinged with a hint of emerald blue. There are 15 beaches in all in Kyotango, including the 8 km "long beach".

  3. reason 3

    Calm waters

    The summer sea in Kyotango is calm with almost no waves whatsoever. This makes it the perfect place for the whole family to enjoy the beach, and great for water sports like sea kayak, and stand up paddling.

  4. reason 4

    Convenient beach houses

    Many beaches in Kyotango have beach houses where you can take a break from the sun or get a tasty treat. The have a simple relaxed atmosphere and are sure to leave you feeling calm and contented.

  5. reason 5

    Beach camping

    Falling asleep to the sound of the sea is one of the joys of visiting Kyotango. Camping equipment can be hired locally so you don't need to bring it with you.

Beaches of Kyotango


Located on the shotenkyo sandbar between the Sea of Japan and Kumihama Bay this beach is part of the longest beach in the Kansai area. The white sand is lined with pine trees, giving it a pleasant backdrop no matter which way you look.


Takashima is located near the impressive pine tree islands of tango matsushima. There are lots of reefs where you can look for crabs and fish. As well as a well appointed camp site.


Nicknamed the singing sand beach the sand makes a pleasant squeaking noise as you step on it. Designated camp sites and BBQ areas just off the beach help keep the sands clean.


This beach is partially enclosed by a sea wall, and has very shallow waters making it a great place for children and less confident swimmers to have fun.


The stunning sight of the summer sun setting into the sea is what gave this beach its name. The popular photo spot beach swing 'Yurari' as well as stand up paddle activities are based at this beach.

Where to stay

Lovely beachside hotels and ryokan

Kyotango has many hotels just a stones through away from stunning beaches with rooms exclusively facing the sea.

Seaside Satake

With the beach only 1 minute away from this seaside hotel you'll be splashing in the gentle waves of Hatchohama beach in no time. When your back in your room you can enjoy the seaview from your balcony.


This modern Japanese style hotel is family friendly and the rooms have sweeping sunset views of Hamazume Beach. The buffet style dinner will give you lots of options to try a wide range of foods.

Shizuka Hanaogi

Sitting right next to the beach, you can enjoy a seaview from your bedroom and be lulled to sleep by the gentle rhythm of the seaside. Enjoy the food made with care from seasonal local ingredients.


After a day of playing at the beach you can retire to Kaisyu for a feast of a dinner. Fill yourself up and relax with a view of the sun setting from your room.


Just minutes away from Tateiwa beach this charming hotel offers rooms at a resonable price. The hot spring is also popular with local people.

Kumihama Onsen Shotenkyo

You'll feel at home in this unpretentions Japanese style hotel. Based at the inlet between the Sea of Japan and Kumihama Bay it's less than 10 minutes away from the beach on foot.

Yoshino no Sato

Only 10 minutes away from the beach, the cute maisonettes will give you a private villa experience. You can also enjoy a summer BBQ on your private terrace.

Camp on the beach under the stars

Sleep next to the sea and let the gentle sound of the waves lull you to sleep beneath a star filled sky.

Camping Gear Rental

Renting your camping gear in Kyotango will save you the hassle of carrying it with you.

Hamazume Beach Yuhigaura

Hamazume Beach is famous for the stunning sunsets and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own tent.

Kotohikihama Kakezu Beach

The singing sand beach has protected status so the camp site and BBQ area are in the pine woods next to it.

Glamprouge Yuhigaura

For a camping experience with hotel comfort try glamping at Glamprouge Yuhigaura. The domes are climate controlled, and have gas BBQ and firepit adjacent.

Takashima Beach Campsite

This campsite is in the heart of Tango Matsushima and has both camping on the beach and on a grass lawn.

Hygge Base

This site specializes in camper vans but also has camping gear that can be hired for the night.



Only 2 Hours from Kyoto City

After seeing the historic sights on Kyoto City give your feet a break by renting a car for your trip to Kyotango. It'll make your trip to Kyotango fast and easy, and transporting all of your bags will be a breeze.

Kyotango Kingdom

Lunch & Camping Gear

You'll arrive at the Tango Kingdom in time for lunch, and there are plenty of options to try featuring lots of locally produced ingredients. At the hotel you can pick up your camping gear and get ready to go to the beach.

Beach Campsite

Beach Time

Set up your tent at Hamazume beach and enjoy an afternoon at the beach. Relax in the sun, play in the water, get a cool treat at the beach house.

Sunset BBQ

Enjoy your BBQ as the sun dips into the sea, the reflection of the sun on the smooth water will make this an evening to remember. Later, drift off to sleep to the sounds of the seaside.

Morning SUP

Walk down the beach for your stand up paddle lesson, the friendly instructor will get you gliding over the waves in no time. Afterwards, spend the rest of the morning relaxing at the beach.

Wakuden no

Wakuden for Lunch

Pack up your tent and head to Wakuden no Mori to enjoy a delicious modern Japanese lunch made with lots of local ingredients. Afterwards take a brief detour to return your camping gear.

Kinosaki Onsen

On to Kinosaki Onsen

Wave goodbye to Kyotango as you head on to the picturesque town of Kinosaki Onsen to enjoy the many hot springs there.

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