• Nakahama Beach

    Nakahama Beach, located in Tango Town, is a small beach at the northernmost point of Kyoto. The beach is next to the Nakahama Port, with shallow waters, a sea wall, and calm waves.

  • Takashima Beach

    Takashima Beach, located in Tango Town, has beautiful white sand comparable to the “Tango Matsushima.” There are many reefs where visitors can play or fish. The auto-campsite attached to the beach is also very popular.

  • Hei Beach

    Hei Beach, located in Tango Town, is one of the beaches included in “Tango Matsushima”, where visitors can enjoy fishing by the rocks. This beach is 5 minutes away by car from “Ukawa Onsen, Yoshino-no-Sato (Village),” where day-trip hot spring guests are welcome.

  • Takano Beach

    Takano Beach, located in Tango Town, is a quaint, hidden beach spot. The beach is next to the Takano Port, overlooking Cape Inugasaki, and is equipped with a seawall, allowing for a nice fishing excursion.

  • Tateiwa & Nochigahama Be…

    Tateiwa & Nochigahama Beach, located in Tango Town, is located directly by the most famous geo-spot of Kyotango, “Tateiwa.” “Hashiudo-so,” a lodge that welcomes hot spring bathers for day trips, is also nearby, and the beach is even within walking distance from the roadside station “Tenki Tenki Tan…

  • Sunagata Beach

    Sunagata Beach, located in Tango Town, Kyotango City, is a small beach admired for its clear, beautiful sea. This beach has gentle, shallow waters. The atmosphere makes visitors feel as if they were in a private beach.

  • Hakoishihama Beach

    Hakoishihama Beach, located in Kumihama City, is a popular destination for beachgoers for its clear water and white sand. To the back of the beach is a small hill called Tango Sand Dune, which is a beautiful spot to gaze at the beach.

  • Kamaihama Beach

    Kamaihama Beach, located in Kumihama City, has a sea wall which allows gentle waves and shallow water. The fine, white sand is beautiful, making the beach feel like a private beach.

  • Shotenkyo & Kazuranohama…

    Shoutenkyo & Kazura-no-hama Beach Shoutenkyo Bridge, Kazura-no-hama Beach, located in Kumihama City, is a beach with beautiful shores with a beautiful sandbank called Shotenkyo Bridge that divides Kumihama Bay and the Sea of Japan. This beach is beautiful with its clear, shallow waters, white s…

  • Kotohikihama Asobi Beach

    Kotohikihama Asobi Beach located in Amino Town is a beautiful beach located on the eastern end of Kotohikihama with Singing Sand. This beach is also a shore reef area, where children can play in the reef.