Nearby Hot Springs

  • Ono no Komachi Onsen

    Location: Omiya

    This hot spring is on top of a hill over looking Omiya and Mineyama. You can enjoy the view while healing your soul in the hot waters.

  • Kumihama Onsen Yumotokan

    Location: Kumihama

    The water here flows straight from the hot spring source without adulterations or re-heating.

  • Sotoyu Hanayumi

    Location: Yuhigaura, Amino.

    This hot spring features an outdoor bathing area with a waterfall, so your body can be soothed by the hot water while your mind relaxes with the sound of the waterfall.

  • Asamogawa Onsen Shizuka no Sato

    Location: Asamogawa, Amino

    Featuring a panoramic view over Asamogawa fishing port this peaceful hot spring will take all your worries away.

  • Minato Yuuyuu Onsen

    Location: Shotenkyo, Kumihama

    After a relaxing soak in the hot spring you can enjoy the view from the rooftop observation deck. With one side facing the Sea of Japan and the other facing Kumihama Bay you'll feel like your on an island.

  • Tango Onsen Hashiudoso

    Location: Taiza, Tango

    The outside baths at this hot spring will give you a great view of the majestic Tateiwa Rock.

  • Yasaka Ashiginu Onsen

    Location: Yasaka

    Overlooking Yasaka Plateau this onsen has a view over the town of Yasaka and surrounding hills.

  • Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-Sato

    Location: Tango

    The two baths alternate daily giving a view of either the mountains or the sea. Either are perfect for relaxing with.