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During your visit to Japan you may have seen several “omiyage” or souvenir shops. The items sold in these shops are often related to the region or are local specialties. If you are looking for a souvenir special to Kyotango here are some shops where you can buy local specialties like Tango Chirimen Silk, barazushi boxed lunch, various confectionaries and more.

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  • Heshiko Factory HISAMI

    Heshiko, Kyotango's local dish of pickled mackerel, is a salty pickled treat that goes well with rice. Enjoy our twist on the traditional heshiko. Recommended Souvenir: Hisami no Heshiko (Shifuku)

  • Matsuzakaya

    Please enjoy our original sake “Ryuu-guuro Mantan”, which was aged for 6 months, 27 meters below the sea of Kyotango City, and refined sake “Kome-Bito,” which was produced by reviving the “Rice Sake Trade” system which supports rice farmers. [Recommended Souvenir] Local sake “Ryuu-guuro Mantan”…

  • Japanese Confectionary Toda F…

    Our shop manufactures and sells snacks which relate to the legends and the history of Tango. We will be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2020. Kotohira Monaka and Tango Path have been enjoyed by our customers for many years, and our new product, the cat omanju (steamed bun), has been popular and …

  • Tango Jersey Farm & Dair…

    At Tango Jersey Farm & Dairy Kitchen Sora, everything is handmade using fresh milk from jersey cows, freshly produced right here on our farm.

  • Onozin Shoyu & Miso

    Onozin Shoyu & Miso

    We are a miso and soy sauce production warehouse established in 1912. We preserve traditional manufacturing methods, while also releasing products that meet the needs of modern consumers. We make products which are delicious, safe, and trustworth. [Recommended Souvenirs] “Jin Zaemon,” the soy sauce…

  • Kanihan

    This shop has a rich lineup of local Tango souvenirs, such as Tango’s sea products, Tango Koshihikari rice, melon, pear, and other seasonal produce, and a variety of packaged snacks.

  • Japanese confectionary Ann

    This shop manufactures and sells Kyotango’s traditional Japanese souvenir snacks and seasonal, perishable desserts. Visitors can casually enjoy a matcha and Japanese snack set at the café. [Recommended Souvenir] Trio Kintsuba

  • Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-Sato M…

    A direct sales market attached to a hot spring facility with a beautiful view of the ocean. This shop has a lineup of fresh, local produce, processed seafood, and sundries.

  • Kumihama SANKAIKAN

    Kumihama SANKAIKAN has a rich lineup of quality speciality products of Kumihama. The shop is attached to a restaurant where diners can enjoy handmade food with local ingredients.

  • Tenki Tenki Tango

    With a rich lineup of Tango’s specialty products including Tango silk crepes, Tenki Tenki Tango also contains a restaurant which serves fresh seafood. [Recommended Souvenir] Lightly pickled heshiko