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During your visit to Japan you may have seen several “omiyage” or souvenir shops. The items sold in these shops are often related to the region or are local specialties. If you are looking for a souvenir special to Kyotango here are some shops where you can buy local specialties like Tango Chirimen Silk, barazushi boxed lunch, various confectionaries and more.

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  • Tango Kingdom Shoku-no-Miyako

    Currently Operating with Restricted Hours: Various Shops and Restaurants Closing at 4pm or 5pm Open from 9am   Tango Takumi-an is a souvenir shop located in Tango Kingdom "Shoku no Miyako", the largest roadside station in Western Japan. I has a lineup of Tango souvenirs such as Tango Chir...

  • Amity Tango

    This souvenir shop has a rich lineup of Tango’s locally produced items such as Tango Chirimen (silk crepes), local sake, and crafts. [Recommended Souvenir] Tango Chirimen...

  • Inaba Family Merchant House – Gosho Inaba Honke

    This was the main house of the wealthy merchant family Inaba, located in Kumihama. The Inaba family came to enormous wealth through a shipping business and coastal trade, which was started using the money earned from manufacturing malted rice in Kumihama during the Edo Period.  The main building was...