• 2019 October 13-14

    Amino-jinja Shrine Annual Festival

    The first day of this two day event will feature a demonstration of the children's traditional dance as well …

  • 2019 October 12-13

    Taiza Autumn Festival

    The "taiko yattai" (portable drums) will be paraded around the town. The main event will take place in the af…

  • 2019 October 12th-13th

    Kamitani Tachinomiya Festival

    Kamitani Shrine will be hosting a team of 5 taiko drums. They will display thier powerful music skills. After…

  • 2019 October 12th-13th

    Kotohira Shrine Autumn Festival

    To celebrate the start of Autumn Kotohira Shrine will be holding a late night festival. Starting at 6:00 it w…

  • 2019 November 2nd-3rd

    The 17th Kimono Flea Market

    This annual market is held to stimulate the silk textile industry, and promote recycling and reusing Kimono a…

  • 2019 November 2nd

    Kyogamisaki Lighthouse Open Day

    Kyogamisaki lighthouse will be open to the public for one day only. It's a rare opportunity to be able to hav…

  • First 10 days of November

    Ginkgo Tree Illumination

    This 50 year old Ginkgo tree is set besides the Kyoto Tango Railway. It's become a popular site for rail enth…

  • 2019 November 23rd

    Enrobing the Heiji Jizo

    The Heiji Jizo is a 5.3 meter tall Jizo (guardian deity statue). It will be dressed with a hood and a straw …

  • 2019 October 20th

    The 22nd Annual Amino Hatchohama Road Race

    This race is held to honour the acievments of two local born competative runners: Tamoi Souichi and Shimizu M…

  • 2019/09/01

    Opening Pear Mountain

    The opening ceremony of the thriving "Pear Mountain". For about two months until the end of October, the real…