• October 30th

    Kyogamisaki Lighthouse Celebration

    The lighthouse at Kyogamisaki has been helping to keep ships in the area safe for over 120 years and November...

  • October 23rd to November 23rd

    Giant Gingko Illumination

    From October 23rd to November 23rd The Giant Gingko Tree between Yuhigaura and Amino Will Have It's Aut...

  • Tanchos

    When it comes to one bite cuisine, tanchos bring out the best that Kyotango has to offer. Made with season...

  • November 3rd 10am-3pm

    Chirimen Festival

    The 17th Chirimen Festival Rent a Kimono, and get help putting it on Watch the "Chirimen Dance" with tr...

  • Kyotango Collection Autumn 2021

    To Apply Click Here Showing the Wonders of Kyotango to the World The Kyotango City Tourism Association ...

  • From Early July to End of October

    Fruits Trail

    The Fruits Trail is... Locally Produced! Picked Fresh that Morning! A Variety of Fruits! A Variet...

  • Every Sunday 8:00-10:00

    Tango Morning Market

    Every Sunday from 8:00-10:00 Bounty from the sea and mountains, along with hand made goods will be on display...

  • Every Sunday Morning 9:00-11:00

    Kumihama Station Morning Market

    The Kumihama Station Morning Market will not be held in January or February. Every Sunday from 9:00-11...

  • The third Sunday of Every Month

    Konpira Hand-Made Market

    Every 3rd Sunday of the month we hold the "No Rush Hand-Made Market". Everyone is welcome to bring their ...