Kotohira Shrine, Mineyama
Luxury Crab Dinner, Kyotango
Nyoiji Temple, Kumihama
Oyster Farm, Kumihama
Nippon Genshosha - Katana Blacksmith, Tango
News Update Discover Kyotango's connection to one of Japan's most enduring legends on a charming walking tour

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  • Autumn leaves in Japan are a big draw for leaf tourist, and Kyotango as plenty of natural sites...

  • Kyotango 2023 Beach Season

    Posted: 2023.06.26

    Kyotango's beaches are open for use at any time of year. However during the beach season there will...

  • Kyotango Collection

    Posted: 2023.03.20

    We are happy to share the results of the our Autumn/Winter 2022 photo contest. Submissions were accepted from...

  • Update 27th March: The first blooms have come earlier than forecast and we are well into it now....