• 2019/03/01- 2019/11/30

    Kyotango Guided Walk (Tateiwa)

    Tenki Tenki Tango

    On this walking tour we will introduce you to Tateiwa (or standing roc...

    Price / Person: From 500yen~

  • 2019/03/29-

    Tango Chirimen Silk Handkerchief D…

    Amity Tango

    Have fun learning how to and dyeing a Tango Chirimen Silk Handkerchief...

    Price / Person: From 1,080 yen~

  • 2019/03/29-

    Seashell Craft

    Kotohikihama Singing Sand Cultural Building

    At the Kotohikihama Singing Sand Cultural Building you can make your o...

    Price / Person: From 640yen~

  • 2019/04/01-

    Kimono Experience

    Taiza Town

    Would you like to try on a Kyotango traditional "Tango Chirimen (silk ...

    Price / Person: 10,000yen

  • 2019/07/01- 2019/08/31

    Sea Kayak

    Takano Fishing Harbor

    From July to August come and explore the coastal waters of Kyotango's ...

    Price / Person: From 6,000yen~

  • 2019/06/01- 2019/08/31

    Blue Cave Experience

    Takano Fishing Harbor

    A local fisherman will take you on an exploration of the Blue Cave and...

    Price / Person: From 4,000 yen~

  • -

    Wedding Kimono Experience

    Central Hotel Kyotango Chapel

    There is special type of kimono that is worn only for Japanese wedding...

    Price / Person: 2,500 yen

  • 2019/07/29- 2019/08/15

    Peach Picking

    Okazaki Farm

    Peaches don't get any fresher or more delicious than this. From the en...

    Price / Person: From 1,500 yen ~

  • 2019/03/29- 2019/05/20

    Strawberry Picking

    Okazaki Farm

    Pick your own, sweet and juicy strawberries. Eat as many strawberries ...

    Price / Person: From 1,200 yen ~

  • 2019/04/01- 2019/10/31

    SUP (stand-up paddle board)

    Hamazume Beach

    With SUP (Stand-Up Paddle board) you can take a “walk” on the waters o...

    Price / Person: 3,000 yen