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    Sea Salt Making

    Aminocho Mitsu Salt Workshop

    Make your own sea salt to give your dishes at home a taste of Kyotango

    Price / Person: from 1,000 yen

  • 2021/02/11- 2021/05/29

    Strawberry Picking at Tango Kingdom

    Tango Kingdom

    Pick your own super sweet strawberries

    Price / Person: from 1,500 yen

  • 2021/03/20- 2021/05/20

    Strawberry Picking

    Okazaki Farm

    Pick your own sweet and juicy strawberries

    Price / Person: from 800 yen ~

  • 2021/04/01- 2021/10/31

    Tobiwatari Sea Kayak

    Mitsu Fishing Port

    Explore sea caves and more with this unique sea kayak experience

    Price / Person: from 5,500 yen

  • 2021/04/01- 2021/10/31

    Kamai Coastline Sea Kayak

    Furan no Kan restaurant

    Cruise through the interesting topography of the geopark in a sea kayak

    Price / Person: from 7,700 yen

  • 2021/03/01- 2021/11/30

    Kyotango Guided Walk (Tateiwa)

    Tenki Tenki Tango

    This walking tour will take you to Tateiwa and the Onaru burial mounds

    Price / Person: from 500 yen per person

  • 2021/07/01- 2021/08/31

    Sea Kayak – Ryugu Project

    Takano Fishing Harbor

    Explore Kyotango's geopark coastline from the water by hiring some sea kayaks

    Price / Person: from 6,000yen~

  • 2021/04/01- 2021/10/31

    SUP (stand-up paddle board)

    Hamazume Beach

    Cruise above the waves with Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

    Price / Person: from 3,000 yen

  • 2021/06/15- 2021/10/31

    Fruit Picking at Tango Kingdom Fruit Garden

    Tango Kingdom

    Depending on the time of year there are different fruit available to pick at the Tango Kingdom

    Price / Person: from 700 yen

  • 2021/06/25- 2021/07/31

    Melon Picking

    Kumihama SANKAIKAN

    Select your own deliciously sweet melon straight off the vine

    Price / Person: from 2,600 yen

  • 2021/07/29- 2021/08/15

    Peach Picking

    Okazaki Farm

    Pick your own fresh peaches straight off the tree

    Price / Person: from 1,500 yen ~

  • 2021/06/15- 2021/07/04

    Lavender Picking

    Centrale Hotel Kyotango

    Pick a great big bundle of this lovely scented herb

    Price / Person: from 1,000 yen