• Posted: 2020.06.5

    Kyotango Covid-19 News Update

    Due to the Covid-19 crisis there are many restrictions on travel, especially international, and many business…

  • Posted: 2020.06.2

    The Shrines and Temples of Tango

    Tango is the furthest north part of Kyotango. As it stretches up the coastline you can find a lot of fishing …

  • Posted: 2020.05.18

    Rice Planting in Kyotango

    Last Sunday I was able to join a group of people doing a rice planting experience. This activity seems tailor…

  • Posted: 2020.05.8

    Amino’s Shrines and Temples – Part 2

    In part 1 we showed you 6 temples and shrines in Amino in Kyotango. Here we'll bring you three more of Amino'…

  • Posted: 2020.05.1

    The Shrines and Temples of Amino – Part 1

    Japan as a lot of shrines and temples dotted around towns and hillsides. They range from large grounds, where…

  • Red tulips in season in the foreground, rows of flowers behind them

    Posted: 2020.04.22

    Tulip Season Walk in Hanago OKADA

    Tulip season is at its peak at the Hanago OKADA (Japanese homepage) flower park, and we are pleased to bring …

  • Posted: 2020.04.14

    Tennyo no Sato – Cherry Blossom Picnic Spot

    The second, and final, part of out virtual cherry blossom tour is Tennyo no Sato, "The Angel's Village". It i…

  • Posted: 2020.04.8

    Nyoiji Temple Spring Flower Walk

    The first part of our virtual cherry blossom series is a spring flower walk through Nyoiji Temple. It's well …

  • Posted: 2020.03.18

    Kyotango Autumn Winter Photo Contest 2019

    The results for the Kyotango Autumn Winter Photo Contest 2019 are in. There is an excellent selection this ye…

  • Posted: 2020.03.11

    Kyotango Cherry Blossom 2020 – Update

    *Notice* Please remember if you are planning to view the cherry blossom this year to reduce the spread of the…

  • Posted: 2020.03.3

    Winter Food Tour Around Kyotango

    Kyotango's foods are very dependent on the season. If you visit twice at different times of year you will fin…

  • Posted: 2020.01.31

    Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kyotango

    UPDATE: The expected dates for blossoming have been moved forward due to a warmer than expected winter, pleas…