• Posted: 2024.04.26

    ENJOY KYOTO – Special Feature

    This spring the ENJOY KYOTO magazine publised a special issue featuring areas around Kyoto Prefecture. Kyo…

  • Posted: 2024.04.1

    Spring Flower Tour – Kyotango

    With spring just around the corner and the cherry blossoms just starting to bud, now seems like the perfect t…

  • cherry blossoms

    Posted: 2024.03.4

    Cherry Blossoms 2024 – Kyotango

    Update March 25th: The first cherry blossoms are going to be a little later than forecast. The cold snap earl…

  • Posted: 2024.03.4

    Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kyotango

    One of Japan's most famous symbols is the Sakura, or cherry blossom. When they bloom in spring people flock t…

  • nyoiji, snow

    Posted: 2023.01.27

    Where to Go When it Snows in Kyotango

    When it snows, and how long it stays in Kyotango can be a little unpredictable. Some years the snow sticks ar…

  • Posted: 2024.01.5

    Rental Tan Camp

    For illustrative purposes only, actual equipment may vary Renting your camping gear in Kyotango means you …

  • Posted: 2023.12.28

    New Years Message!

    With 2023 coming to a quickly to a close everyone at the Kyotango Tourism Association would like to thank you…

  • Posted: 2024.07.12

    Kyotango 2024 Beach Season

    Kyotango's beaches are open for use at any time of year. However during the beach season there will be lifegu…

  • Posted: 2023.03.20

    Kyotango Collection

    We are happy to share the results of the our Autumn/Winter 2022 photo contest. Submissions were accepted f…

  • cherry blossoms

    Posted: 2023.03.27

    Cherry Blossoms 2023 – Kyotango

    Update 27th March: The first blooms have come earlier than forecast and we are well into it now. In a few day…

  • Posted: 2023.02.8

    The Naked Festival- A Japanese Tradition in Kyotango

    Every February the fishing town of Taiza in Kyotango holds a very special Japanese tradition, locally known a…

  • Posted: 2023.01.4

    Getting Through Japanese Immigration

    Having returned to Japan after the Christmas holidays I thought it would be good to share my experience go…