• Posted: 2021.02.26

    Kyotango Collection Spring 2021

    To Apply Click Here Showing the Wonders of Kyotango to the World The Kyotango City Tourism Association …

  • Posted: 2021.02.5

    Cherry Blossom 2021 – Kyotango

    Update: March 26th - The blossoms have begun this week. This weekend (March 27-28) will be a good chance to s…

  • Posted: 2021.02.18

    Outdoor Activities in Kyotango

    Away from the big cities, Kyotango is surrounded by an abundance of nature. Making it the perfect place to ad…

  • Posted: 2021.02.3

    Craft Activities in Kyotango: Planning your Japan Holiday

    Planning a holiday can be tough. But is here to help with a range of craft activities you c…

  • Posted: 2021.01.8

    Snowday in Kyotango

    Last year Kyotango got almost no snow at all, and what did fall melted within a few hours. This year we've ha…

  • Posted: 2020.12.7

    The Quest for Silk – Chirimen Tour

    Walking around the streets of Kyotango it isn't at all strange to hear a loud "GAchang-GAchang" noise coming …

  • Posted: 2020.12.2

    Sanin Kaigan Autumn Leaves Trail – Walking Kyotango

    Sanin Kaigan Trail #26 The Sanin Kaigan Geopark Trail is a 230km long hiking trail. It stretches from Tott…

  • Posted: 2020.11.4

    Novel Coronavirus Prevention Press Release

    Press Release(20201029) EnglishDownload Logo, sticker application forms and guideline pictograms c…

  • Posted: 2020.10.30

    It’s Magic Hour in Yuhigaura

    This autumn Yuhigaura held several magic hour nights. At the beach there was a candle light illumination, sa…

  • Posted: 2020.10.22

    Omiya’s Shrines and Temples

    Omiya is the southernmost part of Kyotango. It connects to the rail network and express way to Kyoto and Osak…

  • Posted: 2020.09.17

    Tango Chirimen Premium Tour with Sheila Cliffe

    Leading kimono researcher Sheila Cliffe will be in the Tango area for two days delivering a premium tour …

  • Posted: 2020.08.24

    Direct Train – Kinosaki Amanohashidate

    Some of the sights in Kinosaki, Amanohashidate and Yuhigaura If you are looking for a speedy way to get to…