Posted: January 31

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kyotango

UPDATE: The expected dates for blossoming have been moved forward due to a warmer than expected winter, please check here for updated information:

One of Japan’s most famous symbols is the Sakura, or cherry blossom. When they bloom in spring people flock to parks to picnic under the flowers. They call this “hanami” (flower viewing), and it makes a great excuse for a picnic with friends and family.

If you want to get the most out of a spring trip to Kyotango make sure you plan a cherry blossom viewing picnic.

Timing for the Best Blooms

Anticipating when the cherry blossoms will open can be a tricky thing. But the experts at weather map do their best to bring up to date information. At the time of publication, the first blossoms are expected around 28th March (its usually a few days after Kyoto city).

The full bloom usually happens about a week after the first blossoms. Full bloom usually last for another week or so. This year in Kyotango, if the current predictions are accurate, we should have two weekends in peak bloomage. Giving plenty of opportunity for a weekend break to the countryside before heading back to the big cities.

Cherry Blossom Spots

While any spot with a few cherry trees could be a picnic spot. Based on ambiance, accompanying events, and location; we’ve gathered some of the best “hanami” spots in Kyotango together here so you can get the most out of your holiday.

Lake Hanare

Lake Hanare has a peninsula which is ringed with cherry trees. In the evening the trees are lit up making for a magical experience. There are a lot of benches as well as plenty of space to set out a picnic blanket. There is even a play area with some swings for children.

Kuragaki Sakura Park

Kuragaki Sakura Park features a hill which is covered in cherry trees. They also host a cherry blossom festival timed to coincide with the best time for viewing. Once the sun sets they even do a light-up so you can enjoy the blossoms into the evening.

Tennyo no Sato

At Tennyo no Sato the cherry trees line the river partially encircling this campground. They host a cherry blossom festival where various hand made foods are for sale.


Minekuen is a cherry tree oasis in the middle of town. Nestled in the curve of a river the cherry trees will fill your view as the path gently guides you along. There is plenty of room between the trees to put a blanket down and enjoy a snack.

Tango Matsushima (Coast road)

Along the coast road there are many beautiful sights and with the cherry blossoms in bloom they become even better. There is a rest stop at the Tango Matsushima observation point with quite a few cherry trees surrounding it. There isn’t a lot of room for a full picnic but it makes for a great short break.

Make sure you remember your picnic blanket and to pick up a few goodies from the convenience store on your way and you will be all set for “hanami” in Kyotango.

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