Posted: January 27

Where to Go When it Snows in Kyotango

When it snows, and how long it stays in Kyotango can be a little unpredictable. Some years the snow sticks around for weeks, and some years it barely snows at all. But when it does snow there are a lot of truly beautiful sights, and great activities to try out.

Between late December and early March there is a possibility of snow. However, January and February are the most likely months for there to be some snowfall that sticks around. When it is sticking around, here are some of the best things to do.

Things To Do When it Snows

Chirimen Silk and Kimono Experience

One of the newest additions to Kyotango’s winter activities is a kimono dressing experience. You’ll get to see how the soft silk is made, before getting dressed in a high quality kimono by a licensed professional. Then get to enjoy a cultural activity while wearing a kimono.

Hot Spring – Onsen

A hot spring visit is the first thing I think of when it snows in Kyotango. There is something truly magical about sitting outside in a hot natural spring while the snow falls down around you. Getting from the door to the pool is the hardest part, but it is well worth it for the experience.

Don-Don Snow Park

How much it snows at sea level varies a lot, but up in the mountains you can pretty much guarantee a snowy experience. The Don-Don Snow Park at the swiss village is a great place for the whole family. Snow-tubing is one of the main draws, but they have ski and snowboard hire, and snowshoe hire too. There is also a cafe to warm up after a morning of frolicing in the snow.

Places to Visit When it Snows

Nyoiji Temple

Most famous for its flowers in the spring, Nyoiji Temple is stunning all year round, and in the snow is no exception. The snowy branches appear to close in around the Fudo hall, which glows welcomingly at night. And the pond near the back is an intriguing, complicated scene in the snow.

Inaba Family Merchant House

The Inaba Family Merchant House historic property has several gardens which look lovely when it snows. They are designed with a specific representation in mind. One is nearby Kumihama Bay, and the pine tree growing out of it represents a dragon flying out of the bay into the sky. Another the trees are planted in pairs to represent a couple in a relationship.

Amino Shrine

In the heart of seaside Amino is Amino Shrine. With a large grounds there are many scenic features which look impressive with a layer of snow on them.

Kotohira Shrine

The grounds of Kotohira Shrine in Mineyama climb up a hill and weaves through the trees, making it a very dramatic site when covered with snow. It’s also nice to see the guardian cats covered with snow.

Snowy Destination

While the snow in Kyotango may be unpredictable, it is a lovely sight and makes the many attractions to Kyotango all the more special.