Posted: March 29

Kyotango Collection Winter 2021 Results Announcement

We are happy to announce the results of the Kyotango Collection Winter 2021 photo contest. There were two categories, the “Thank You!” prize and the “Facebook ‘Like'” prize. For each category there are 5 winners. There were a lot of great entries, but not everyone can be a winner, so please enjoy the results of our summer contest.

Thank You ! Prize

The winners of the “Thank You!” prize are determined randomly at the tourism association, the only restriction is you can only win once per season. Here are the 5 winners in no particular order.

Fuyu no Odayakana Wan – A Quiet Bay in Winter by YAS

Kyotango’s winters are known for their windy weather and stormy seas. For generations fishermen have been sheltering their boats in the calm waters of Kumihama Bay.

Tango Fuyu Kazoku – Tango Winter Family by Tonari Machi no Hide

The center of Tango Kingdom is a public square with several restaurants around it, it’s a great place to visit with small children.

Yokoso Kohakucho – Welcome Tundra Swans by Katchaman

The tundra swans are one of the migratory birds that can be spotted in Kyotango in the winter. I wonder if any bird watchers are on the train.

Naminori Hitotachi- The Wave Riders by Fukuda

The stormy seas of winter make Kyotango a popular destination for winter surfing. Wetsuits are a must!

Osewaninatta Ano Hito e – Indebted to Those People by Nikkun

Kyotango, like many seaside towns has a long history of fishing. This is still an important part of Kyotango’s economy and food culture.

Facebook ‘Like’ Prize

All of the photos we received were put into an album on our facebook page. We asked everyone to give a ‘like’ to the photos they liked the best and the 5 photos with the most likes were the winners. Each of the winners will receive Kyotango specialty goods worth 3,000 yen.

Aozora to Yukigesho – Blue Sky and a Coating of Snow by Makko618

Mt. Kabuto is captured here with a gentle coating of snow to contrast the blue sky above. Just don’t think about the dark cloud stretching to the horizon.

Kumihama Milky Way by ryo_._san

The low levels of light pollution in Kyotango make dramatic night scenes like this a common occurrence.

Kansetsu Kabuto Yama – Snowy Peak Mt. Kabuto by Saa-chan

Mt. Kabuto in the snow again, but this must have been taken on a very still day, as the reflection in the bay is surprisingly clear.

Tango no Konpirasan – Konpirasan in Tango by Nikkun

Kotohira Shrine looks like a winter wonderland when it’s covered in snow. It’s a rare site to see the pond frozen over.

Mafuyu no Mizu Asobi – Water Play in Mid-Winter by Katchaman

Tundra swans migrate down from Siberia to spend the winter in Kyotango. They seem to enjoy playing the waters of Kyotango as much as the other holiday makers.

Winter Collection Slideshow part 1

Here is part 1 of our Winter Collection Slideshow complete with original music composed especially for the occasion.

Big Thanks to all Contributors

We had a lot of interest in the Autumn photo contest and are very happy with the results. We received a wide range of shots from around Kyotango including lots of night shots and sunsets, but also a lot of flowers and pictures showing off the misty mornings in Kyotango.