November 2019

  • Posted: 2019.11.29

    Kyotango’s Kumihama Oysters

    All that keeps the rough waves of the Sea of Japan out of Kumihama Bay is a narrow sandbar, only 200 meters a…

  • Posted: 2019.11.26

    The Autumn Leaves of Kyotango

    In Kyotango we have more than just the seaside. We have many hills filled with an abundance of nature. Join m…

  • Posted: 2019.11.15

    Cooking Taiza Crab – Kyotango Crab Season part 3

    We found out where the crab come from in part 1 and where you can buy them in part 2, now lets start cooking …

  • Posted: 2019.11.13

    Taiza Crab Auction and Shopping – Kyotango Crab Season part 2

    In part 1 we learned a little about where Taiza crab come from. This time we'll find out how they are sold, a…

  • Posted: 2019.11.11

    Crab Trawlers Heading Out – Kyotango Crab Season Part 1

    Crab season is a big deal in Kyotango. It's the main draw for domestic tourism during the cold winter months.…