April 2020

  • Red tulips in season in the foreground, rows of flowers behind them

    Posted: 2020.04.22

    Tulip Season Walk in Hanago OKADA

    Tulip season is at its peak at the Hanago OKADA (Japanese homepage) flower park, and we are pleased to bring …

  • cherry blossom, tennyo no sato

    Posted: 2020.04.14

    Tennyo no Sato – Cherry Blossom Picnic Spot

    The second, and final, part of out virtual cherry blossom tour is Tennyo no Sato, "The Angel's Village". It i…

  • Posted: 2020.04.8

    Nyoi-ji Temple Spring Flower Walk

    The first part of our virtual cherry blossom series is a spring flower walk through Nyoi-ji Temple. It's well…