Posted: September 22

Kyotango Collection Summer 2021 Results Announcement

We are happy to announce the results of the Kyotango Collection Summer 2021 photo contest. There were two categories, the “Thank You!” prize and the “Facebook ‘Like'” prize. For each category there are 5 winners. There were a lot of great entries, but not everyone can be a winner, so please enjoy the results of our summer contest.

Thank You ! Prize

These photos were randomly selected from all of the submissions we received. These 5 winners all will receive a gift voucher worth 20,000 yen which can be used at participating hotels, ryokan inns, and minshuku guesthouses.

Aomomiji to Kirifuri no Taki – The Green Maple and Kirifuri Falls by Tango Momo

The Kirifuri Falls are named after the mist created when the water hits the rocks on the way down making this a cool relaxing place to spend a hot summer afternoon. It’s not the tallest of waterfalls, but surrounded by trees, and hills makes the setting feels like a primeval forest. Tango Momo has done an excellent job capturing that atmosphere.

Yuhi no Michi no Yakei – The Sun Setting at Sunset Road by Cashisu Pinku

Sunset Road is a foot path running along Yuhigaura Beach, it’s a great spot to watch the sun set from. The gentle haze over the lights gives it an ethereal feeling. The pinky hues in the distance are the last rays of the setting sun, they give a hint of the beauty of watching the sun set from this magical place.

Goko ga Sashiteiru?? – Is the Halo Visible?? by K

The sun setting from Yuhigaura Beach, but just before it bursts into multi-colours. The sunbeams at the edge of the clouds, and the speckled sunlight reflecting off the surface of the sea makes for a majestic picture, almost like the sun is reaching out to photographer K.

Kodomo no Asobiba – Where the Children Play by Yuchan Papa

Kyotango, and Taiza in particular, has patches of very rocky coastline creating lots of rock pools perfect for splashing or paddling in without going directly into the sea. It really is one of the joys of summer as a child to play and explore the rock pools.

Shonentachi no Natsuyasumi – Summer Break for the Boys by Okuni

Kyotango’s coast line creates lots of great places to to play in the sea; and in the heat of summer jumping into the cool blue-green sea is a very refreshing way to spend your time.

Facebook ‘Like’ Prize

All of the photos we received were put into an album on our facebook page. We asked everyone to give a ‘like’ to the photos they liked the best and the 5 photos with the most likes were the winners. Each of the winners will receive Kyotango specialty goods worth 3,000 yen.

Tango no Uyuni Enko – Tango’s Salar de Uyuni by niko

Taken on August 20th at Kotohikihama Beach this photo captures a carefree moment of beach fun. If it weren’t for the ripples in the reflecting water you could almost mistake the photo for being upside down.

Kanisan Yuhi to Kinen Satsuei – Crab’s Holiday Snaps by Maa

This photo was taken on August 1st at Kobama beach. Crabs don’t usually like to let people get too close so this was either a very brave crab, or taken with a long lens. At any rate it looks like the crab is trying to throw up a “love heart” sign with it’s claws, a very cute pose with the setting sun in the background.

Furusato no Umi ni Kirameku Hoshiboshi – Stars glittering on My Hometown’s Sea by makko618

Taken on July 23rd overlooking Taiza harbour, the port looks bustling with activity in the early evening. No doubt waiting for the squid fishing boats to come in. The squid luring lights are beaming like stars as they stretch out to the horizon.

Yuhigaura Kyandorunaito de Hanabi – Fireworks from Yuhigaura Candlenight by Katchaman

This photo was taken on July 4th at Yuhigaura beach and captures the chaotic wonder and spectacle of a Japanese fireworks show. The early summer evenings in Japan make fireworks a great thing for the whole family to enjoy in Japan. They are a staple of Summer festivals.

Asamogawa (Gyoka) – Asamogawa (Fishing Lure) by Nikkun

Taken on June 24th at Asamogawa port the squid fishing lures can be just seen as a glow of light over the piers. The gently blue glow of the lights and the lingering light from the sun reflected off the clouds gives the scene an eerie atmosphere.

Summer Collection Slideshow part 1

Here is part 1 of our Summer Collection Slideshow complete with original music composed especially for the occasion.

Big Thanks to all Contributors

We had a lot of interest in the Summer photo contest and are very happy with the results. We received a wide range of shots from around Kyotango including lots of beach scenes and sunsets, but also a lot of flowers and pictures showing off Kyotango’s green hills.