Posted: July 9

Kyotango 2021 Beach Season

The beaches in Kyotango are poised to open in July through to mid August. While the beaches can be accessed at any time, outside of state of emergencies, in between the dates below there will be lifeguards stationed and designated swimming zones.

Beach Open Dates

Beach NameOpenOpen DateClose DateLocation
Sunagata BeachYesJuly 10thAugust 16thTango
Tateiwa & Nochigahama BeachYesJuly 10thAugust 22ndTango
Takano BeachYesJuly 10thAugust 16thTango
Hei BeachNoClosedClosedTango
Takashima BeachYesJuly 10thAugust 15thTango
Kyuso BeachYesJuly 17thAugust 15thTango
Nakahama BeachYesJuly 13thAugust 23rdTango
Hamazume Yuhigaura BeachYesJuly 17thAugust 22ndAmino
Hatchohama Beach*YesJuly 17thAugust 22ndAmino
Kobama BeachYesJuly 17thAugust 22ndAmino
Kotohikihama Kakezu BeachYesJuly 10thAugust 22ndAmino
Kotohikihama Asobi BeachNoClosedClosedAmino
Shotenkyo & Kazuranohama BeachYesJuly 17thAugust 22ndKumihama
Hakoishihama BeachYesJuly 17thAugust 15thKumihama
Kamaihama BeachYesJuly 17thAugust 22ndKumihama
*Car park is open from 8am-6pm. Cars should be removed before 6pm

Beach Activities

While for many it may be enough to just lounge on the sand, and take a swim now and then. But if you’re looking for something a little different then here are several activities you can try.

Points of Interest Near the Beach

If you’re looking for something before or after you visit the beach, or just to get out of the sun for a little bit, here are a couple of places to visit.

Stay Safe & Have Fun

The best way for everyone to enjoy the beach is if we all take some precautions to keep ourselves and other safe. Please follow the below guidelines if you’re going to be visiting a beach in Kyotango.

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