Posted: October 25

2019 Kyotango Photo Contest – Spring & Summer

Top Prize

ココドコ?! –  Where are we?!

Season: Summer

Location: Kyotango-shi, Tango-cho, Sunagata (Sunagata Beach)

Date: 2019/08/05

Photographer: Higashikawa Hideki

Photographer’s comments: A sea you could come back to every year. A summer garden you could visit for 10 years. How can the sea be this beautiful. I first noticed it the summer of 2019. The beauty of this scenery which can’t be captured on film, I’ll hold onto it in my mind.

Reviewer’s comments: This photo presents the beauty of Kyotango’s sea on a large scale. By placing the camera slightly higher an excellent result can be achieved. With the seabed so visible you can really appreciate how clear the sea is. And the blue theme really draws your eye to the single white board floating in the middle. This tiny form really emphasis the vast breadth of the sea and the sky, it really makes a lasting impression on you. The judging panel was unanimous that this would receive the top award of excellence.

Merit awards

緑に射す橙 – Green Shining with Orange

Season: Summer

Location: Kyotango-shi, Tango-cho, Inugasaki

Date: 2019/09/10

Photographer: da1pix

Photographer’s comments: The rock casts a beautiful shadow, as the orange from the setting sun paints the green mountainside.

Review: A picture which looks like a painting, this is clearly the work of a skilled photographer. The way the sinking sun reflects off the water and illuminates the rock in front makes a bold forecast. It looks like a shot that has been taken from a tripod with a slow shutter speed. Regular pictures relying on chance are good too but, for scenery as beautiful as this by taking their time and deliberately setting up this way gets an exquisite result. It’s a real tour de force.

愛情シルエット – Love’s silhouette

Season: Summer

Location: Kyotango-shi, Amino-cho, Hamazume (Hamazume Yuhigaura Beach)

Date: 2019/06/25

Photographer: chosan

Photographer’s comments: At the beach swing “yurari” a young mother and her child laugh and play. As I pressed the shutter a warm and fluffy feeling came over me.

Review: We received an abundance of pictures of “yurari” (the Yuhigaura beach swing) for this years photo contest. Out of all of them this one left the greatest impression. Shot against the setting sun we can only see silhouettes of the figures. But even still we can just see the mothers face and register the happiness they are experiencing. Rather than trying to capture a picture that is too much the photographer has gone for just enough.

夜明け – Daybreak

Season: Summer

Location: Kyotango-shi, Tango-cho, Hei (Tango Matsushima)

Date: 2019/08/14

Photographer: Taka

Photographer’s comments: Just before the sun rises the sky and the sea change moment to moment. I chose a shot where the sun, shining on the water, turns it into a gold flat disk.

Review: This one was shot using a drone. Taken just as the sun is rising, the photographer kept a close eye on what the sun was shining on. But it’s more than just a picture of what the sun is shining on, the blue sea at the front is also captured beautifully. By shooting from higher up the breaking waves coming in from the open sea look magnificent. The sun rises unexpectedly quickly, it must have been quite a thrill to fly the drone up trying to manage it’s height and direction.

Spring Award

夕日に染める飛沫 – The Splash Dyed in the Sun

Season: Spring

Location: Kyotango-shi, Amino-cho, Hamazume (Hamazume Yuhigaura Beach)

Date: 2019/03/24

Photographer: 8Daisuke8

Photographer’s comments: The shutter speed was increased to get a bold shot of the stormy sea. And the sunset is still very Yuhigaura-esque.

スマホに移る棚田かな – Rice Fields as Seen Through a Smartphone

Season: Spring

Location: Kyotango-shi, Tango-cho, Sodeshi (Sodeshi Rice Fields)

Photographer: coni23

Photographer’s comments: A beautiful sunset over the rice fields makes for superb scenery. Purposefully shot to appeal to the younger generation.

Summer Award

揺れるSUNSET – Swaying in the SUNSET

Season: Summer

Location: Kyotango-shi, Amino-cho, Hamazume (Hamazume Yuhigaura Beach)

Date: 2019/06/13

Photographer: takap

Photographer’s comments: This picture was taken on a sunny day in early summer. This perfect couple agreed to have their picture taken sat on the swing.

丹後の青空に向かって大ジャンプ!! – A big jump to Tango’s blue sky!!

Season: Summer

Location: Kyotango-shi, Tango-cho, Nakahama (Nakahama Beach)

Date: 2019/08/07

Photographer: Horie Mami

Photographer’s comments: Every year we visit the beach at Nakahama. Today the sky was clear, and the weather was great.

The sea was beautiful too. I took a picture of my son showing his happiness at being here by jumping up into the sky.

Outdoor Award

ふわふわ~にぃに~いいねぃ – Playing in the Mud ~ yeah

Season: Summer

Location: Kyotango-shi, Tango-cho Ooyama

Date: 2019/08/07

Photographer: hisaciao

Photographer’s comments: A scene from a summer paddy field.

They look so cute playing in the mud.

Of course, they’ll get told off by their mother when they get home.

Or maybe I will…

Seasonal Food Award

選手へのおもてナシ – Athletes Need Only Lift a Pear

Season: Summer

Location: Kyotango-shi, Kumihama-cho, Hakoishi

Date: 2019/09/15

Photographer: chosan

Photographer’s comments: A scene from the Tango Ultramarathon. Along the course the runners are offered pieces of pear. This way they can run without having to worry about anything else.