Posted: January 8

Snowday in Kyotango

Last year Kyotango got almost no snow at all, and what did fall melted within a few hours. This year we’ve had a few snowdays. The good packing kind you need to make snowmen.

However in the last 24 hours we’ve had an incredible amount of snow come down. After about 4 hours of snow I set out to Kumihama to get some pictures. I managed to get some nice shots of the snow falling while the roads were still clear.

When setting out in the heavy snow make sure it’s safe and try to limit it to essential journeys only.

Nyoiji Temple

Nyoiji Temple is one of the Kansai 25 Flower Temples (Japanese Language). It’s famous for it’s displays of mitsuba tsutsuji (three leaved azaleas) in the spring. Of course they have beautiful flowers all year around, but right now the snow is keeping it all under wraps.

The Inaba Family Merchant House

The Inaba House (Japanese Language) is in the middle of the annual Kumihama Doll Festival on the run up to Doll’s Day or Girl’s day on March 3rd. But this historic property also has a gorgeous garden, which at the moment is covered in snow.


Kumihama train station was built on the site of an old prefectural building. So the architects chose to build it in a traditional style, and it looks great in the snow too. This snowday wasn’t enough to stop the “Tango no Umi”, the direct train from Kyoto. However, when traveling in the winter it’s always best to check for train cancellations before you get to the station.

The Next Day

After a night of snowfall and a slow drive to work the sun came out. It was still cold so the snowday continued on. It’s exciting to see how high the snow is pilled up on the trees and bushes.