Posted: July 13

8 Craft Activities in Kyotango: Planning your Japan Holiday

Planning a holiday can be tough. But is here to help with a range of craft activities you can put in your holiday planner to make the most of a trip to Japan.

Rural Japan Craft Activities

A great way to remember your time in Japan is by taking home a souvenir unique to the area. But what if you made the souvenir yourself, a special memento unique to you and your holiday?

These craft activities are a great way to do just that. Kyotango’s rural status makes it easy to get up close and personal with the local history and features that inspired these activities. Make sure you include time for a craft activity or two in your Japan travel plans.

Paper Lantern Making

In the lantern makers workshop you’ll by guided through the process of making lanterns from choosing colours and patterns, and shown how to stick them to the bamboo frame. The lantern comes with a light to give it a lovely glow in the dark, and a small box to keep it safe in your luggage. You’ll have a chance to see the full size lanterns that are being made as well.

Makes a perfect souvenir to remember your time in Kyotango.

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Glass Craft

In a workshop set among the rice fields, this activity will let you create your own decorations out of stained glass. There are a wide range of items to make: from decorative pieces to accessories, even kaleidoscopes. Some items can be taken away that day, but others require a little extra time to set them, so make sure you book in for when you arrive in Kyotango so you can pick it up on the way out. The instructor will also tell you a little bit about the process of making stained glass.

Glass Craft makes for great memorabilia or a gift for someone back home.

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Komaneko Guardian Cat Painting

Inspired by the unique Guardian Cat Statues at Kotohira Shrine, you can paint these adorable figures however you want. With two different sizes available, you’re sure to find a size that fits in your luggage. Or, if you choose to leave your statue it’ll be in good company with many others that live at the shrine.

The only limits are your imagination… and the cat shape.

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Chirimen Handkerchief Dyeing

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter to fit in your luggage this chirimen handkerchief dyeing activity might be just right.

Chirimen silk has been made in Kyotango and used to make kimono for 300 years. It is still an important part of Japan’s kimono culture, and is now used to make lots of other products, from neckties to handbags.

In this activity you can choose one or more patterns to dye onto a chirimen silk handkerchief. After you are shown the technique you are free to color it in however you see fit. It makes a great wall mount, or gift for a loved one.

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Various Seashell Crafts

The Singing Sand Museum is great for people travelling with children. It allows you to combine craft activities with an educational angle.

The museum explains why the singing sand “sings” and how this special natural phenomenon is impacted by environmental issues. They also have a crafting station to make picture frames, kaleidoscope and more, decorated with seashells and sea glass found at Kotohikihama “singing sands” Beach.

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Crafts at the Inaba Historic Property

The Inaba Family Merchant House has a range of craft activities available for people to try out in a historical setting.

Incense Making

Perfumed and calming, incense will help you keep the relaxation you gained on holiday when you get back home. Alternatively it makes a great gift for someone who hasn’t had the benefit of a holiday.

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Under the guidance of an expert, mold 1kg of clay into the shape of your choosing. Bowls of varying size and shape make for excellent decorative pieces. And cups can be used as small vases.

This is a great way to express your creativity and make a memorable piece of art.

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Decorative Plate Painting

Personalize a piece of unglazed pottery by painting a picture, design, or writing words of your choice on it.

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Craft Activities on Holidays

Craft activities are a great way to create memories, learn about local history and issues, and interact with local people. And if your travelling with children it is practically essential to keep them distracted for a while.