• Fufutei

    The ramen shop located on route 312 is accesible from Kyotango-Omiya IC by car. Their sticky mild ramen soup attracts costomers. Also the restaurant offers free drinks during lunch time! The Special here is Miyazu Curry Yakisoba, which doesn't look like regular yakisoba but it tastes superb!

  • Thai Food Sala

    This restaurant is located nearby Shotenkyo Beach which has an open terrace and awesome Thai food. As the chef at the restaurant is Thai, You can have real Thai food here! For those who can't eat spicy food, please tell the friendly staff to make your meal less spicy. Thai and English speaking sta…

  • Roan Kumihama

    This restaurant is the second branch of the soba restaurant Roan Matsuda which has been awarded One Michelin star. You can enjoy the great soba at reasonable prices.