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LOCATION: Kyotango, Kyoto pref.; 45km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Amino Sta.) and bus o...

Some Available Plans
One night lodging without meal DETAILS Book it!
One night lodging plan with breakfast DETAILS Book it!


LOCATION: Kyotango, Kyoto pref.; 18km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Kumihama Sta.) and bus.

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Overnight Stay with Meal Excluded DETAILS Book it!
Overnight Stay and Breakfast Included DETAILS Book it!


Welcome to Kyoto's sea, "KAISYU". All of the rooms overlook the ocean and each room has its own beaut...

Some Available Plans
One Night Lodging with Seafood Kaiseki Dinner (inc. Funamori Sashimi) DETAILS Book it!


This traditional Japanese ryokan "Konoya" has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and great local food.

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Half board DETAILS
Breakfast included DETAILS

Minshuku Oe

This traditional Japanese inn " Minshuku Oe" has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, 100% natural hot s...

Some Available Plans
<For family or groups> One Night Lodging without Meals DETAILS Book it!


Featuring a garden and terrace, Yusai Resort Hibiki is located in Kyotango, a 2-minute walk from Yuhi...

Some Available Plans
One Night Lodging with Seasonal Kaiseki Dinner DETAILS Book it!