Satenen – Cafe

  • Satenen – Cafe

    This cafe has been part of the local community for 48 years. In that time they have listened to the local peoples dreams, challenges, and triumphs. You should try the shop keepers speciality "siphon coffee" at least once. Recommendation: Blended coffee, morning service, panfried soba noodles

  • enishi, restaurant, food

    Restaurant Enishi

    Only a few steps away from Kotohira-jinja Shine, Restaurant Enishi is centrally located in Mineyama. They specialize in getting the most out of local foods, and they change their specials daily based on what is available. They offer a Mexican plate with rice, soup and a hand made desert for 1300 …

  • Mitsubachi 888 Café & ge…

    The owner takes pride in using mostly locally grown vegetables, and locally caught fish for the lunch set. The pasta noodles they serve are made as a collaboration with a local noodle factory. Also, handmade sweets called Yasai sweets are one of the features of the café. You can also find a variety…

  • Kikunoya Japanese Restaurant

    A Japanese restaurant located right in front of Mineyama station. The restaurant's specialty is it's healthy menu and medical herb dishes. A regular menu is also available at the restaurant.

  • Diner Asano Shokudo

    A locally popular Japanese restaurant with an extensive menu at reasonable prices. The lineup of side dishes in the corner of the restaurant is one of its unique features. Enjoy the calm and warm atmosphere.