Taiza Terrace My Sunshine

  • Taiza Terrace My Sunshine

    From our TAIZA banner and observation deck you can see the 135° East monument, the Miroku Bodisattva statue, Tango as it was associated with Empress Hashiudo, and the Taiza area all in one breathtaking panorama. At our scenic cafe we pledge to bring happiness from ancient times into the future. …

  • Organic Café Tentomushi Batake

    Based on an organic farm this café is bursting with fresh vegetables. The menu has been designed to show off the true flavours of the vegetables. All lunch sets come with the garden salad bar and our special vegetable dressing.   Recommendation: Vege-Curry Set, and Original Vegetable S…

  • Kikoridani TERRACE

    This organic cafe insists on only using Tango produce in all of their products. They specialize in sweets and at the weekends they have a lunch service. Surrounded by nature, on a calm day you can fill yourself with fresh clean air.

  • waterside cottage Heron

    You can expect a warm welcome at this waterside hotel and restaurant facing Kumihama Bay. They use seasonal, local fish, fruits and vegetables to produce a simple menu that anyone can enjoy. The deserts are also made by hand, and we recommend the traditional English cake, Victoria sponge. Using a…

  • Dairy Kitchen Sora

    Dairy Kitchen Sora is an ice cream shop attached to the café. Pizza is served on weekends and national holidays.

  • Acacia Farm

    Using fresh milk produced every morning and locally sourced produce this dairy farm make gelato, soft serve ice cream and custard pudding.   Recommendation: The soft serve ice cream and the Kotohiki beach salt gelato.