Cafe Bar Jack

  • Cafe Bar Jack

    Cafe Bar Jack prides itself on using locally sourced high quality ingredients to give you the best food. They also work hard to make sure their coffee, tea, and other drinks are perfect. The pasta is made with care and attention to give it the perfect texture and taste. In the evening the styl…

  • Pango Tango

    This bakeries whimsical sounding name comes from a portmanteau of the local area "Tango" and "go get bread" (bread=pan). It's a name you won't soon forget. It's conveniently located 5 minutes by car away from Amino Station, next to the crystal clear waters of Hatchohama Beach. You can enjoy the v…

  • 34 FLOWER & CAFE

    This flower shop is also a cafe that specializes in smoothies & parfaits made with fruits grown by local farmers. The strawberry sandwich (made with both mascarpone cheese and whipped cream), double strawberry parfait, and special strawberry milk (made with condensed milk) are highly recommen…

  • Cafe Kousyumaru

    A couple just setting off from 60 are taking it easy while running this cafe. Enjoy seafood and sweets in this charming seaside spot. The regularly closed days and opening and closing times are estimates at best :)

  • Royal Merry

    This delicious soft serve ice cream comes topped with thick, rich flavored honey, and a wedge of crispy honeycomb from local hives right here in Kyotango.


    Enjoy freshly made baked goods and coffee while enjoying the relaxing view of Kumihama Bay, right in the heart of the San'in Kaigan National Park. From a seat on the terrace you'll feel a gentle breeze from the sea as the delicious scent of freshly baked bread wafts through the air.


    Opened in June on the second floor of the newly renovated Torimatsu restaurant, MATSUTARO cafe and restaurant has a stunning panoramic view over a rural landscape. They have a wide variety of dishes on offer from delicious seafood dishes (seafood bowl, nigiri sushi), the local speciality barazush…

  • Mikke

    This crepe shop uses fresh, fruit grown locally, in some cases from the family farm. Each crepe is made to order so the dough will be soft and fresh, and filled with whipped cream and delicious fresh fruits.

  • Gelateria SORA

    The delicious soft serve ice cream is hand-made with milk from Jersey cows.   Recommendation: Soft serve ice cream made with 100% freshly produced Jersey milk.

  • Otohime Tamatebako

    They use delicious seasonal ingredients grown in the Tango area.   Recommendation Crepe, Strawberry Shake, Seasonal Jam, Baked Sweetpotatoes

  • Tapioca 8

    With high quality tapioca made right here in Kyotango, some days the queue never seems to end. Other than tapioca they also have freshly made caramel corn, shaved ice, as well as a wide range of soft serve ice cream flavors. The menu spans the ages.   Recommended: Clear Blue - lemonade…

  • Campanio Baked Goods

    The breads here are made with high quality Hokkaido flour and locally produced Kyotango Milk and Salt.   Recommended: The French snack breads, and baked treats are all hand-made.