Japanese Style Hotel Morigen


Founded in 1918, this hidden inn is located in a residential area in the Asamogawa district, near Hatchohama Beach in Aminocho, Kyotango. In addition to lodging, there is also a restaurant and a Japanese Izakaya bar on the premises, making it a casual style inn where you can casually enjoy Tango’s fresh seafood and our signature dishes a la carte for lunch or dinner. We offer you a way to spend your time the way you want to, such as enjoying a stay at a ryokan with a one-night, half-board plan, or spending a late night at the in-house izakaya bar with a no-meal plan.


Business Name Japanese Style Hotel Morigen
Address 656 Aminocho Amino, Kyōtango, Kyoto
Telephone 0772-72-0155
No. of Guest Rooms 7
Max Capacity 25
Payment method Cash
URL https://morigen.com/en/