Seaside Inn & Fine Dining Totoya


A lone inn located right by Tateiwa (Standing Rock) the area’s loved symbol and the beach on Tango Peninsula. Experience a stay that will unravel your soul with a theme based around stories about the area’s sea, mountains, people and village. You will also be welcomed with seafood dishes of crab and fish that will make your heart skip a beat. In the summer, there are many experiences unique to this area, such as the “Blue Cave” and net fishing. Then, in the winter you can enjoy dishes of the illusive Taiza crab.


Business Name Seaside Inn & Fine Dining Totoya
Address 566 Tangocho Taiza, Kyōtango, Kyoto
Telephone 0772-75-2639
No. of Guest Rooms 10
Max Capacity 40
Payment method Cash only