"Hekisui En" was a building originally relocated from the back of Nyoi-ji Temple (Kansai Flower Temple), which was build in 1804. However, in November 2020, it was reopened as "HEKISUIEN" while retaining its elegance.There is also a bakery on site, offering freshly baked bread and coffee.The eat-in…

  • Ryokan Suzuran

    We aim to create a warm and welcoming ryokan to make you feel at home. We would love for you to come and hear Tango's local dialect, enjoy delicious cuisine made with local ingredients, and relax in the hot springs, soothing your fatigue away.

  • Kumihama Yado Tsuruya

  • Hekisui Gyoen

    Located in the back of Kyotango, along Kumihama Bay, an area designated as part of the San'in Kaigan (Coastal) National Park. A spacious inn with 14 rooms. Our hot spring baths have natural hot spring water from our own source giving us an abundant amount of good quality spring water. Enjoy seasona…

  • Hamanoji-Rinkoan

    A ryokan featuring hot springs and delicious cuisine, limited to 7 groups per day. Tatami mats can be found throughout the entire building. This ryokan also offers a variety of rooms, such as rooms with private open-air baths with views and Japanese-Western style rooms. Enjoy fresh Matsuba (snow) cr…

  • Minsyuku Wada

    An inn on the sand bar Shotenkyo between the Sea of the Japan to the north and Kumihama Bay to the south. Relax here in a land blessed with seafood.

  • Kumino Hama Minato Yuyu

    This hotel is located in an outstanding location surrounded by the Sea of Japan and Kumihama Bay. Enjoy dynamic views of the Sea of Japan from the observation lounge on the top floor. Dinner is an all-you-can-eat buffet with over 40 types of freshly prepared dishes.

  • Resorpia Kumihama

    Magnificent views of the bay can be seen from each room at this hotel located on top a hill along Kumihama Bay. In addition, this cozy hotel prides itself on its pleasant service and the chef's care and attention given to making each dish.

  • Kumihama Onsen Yumotokan

    Kumihama Onsen is an inn that boasts a large natural open-air bath with a flowing waterfall. Pick strawberries in the spring. In the summer pick melons and cook white squid. In the fall pick pears and grapes. In the winter enjoy crab cuisine, the king of winter flavor. This is a hot spring inn rich …

  • Kazuko

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  • Shorefront Cottage Calme

    A private space with a single building on a site of 400㎡. There is also a semi-open-air hot spring with 100% natural hot spring water. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the luxury of doing nothing while looking out at the mirror-like surface of Kumihama Bay, based on the c…

  • Deluxs Outdoor Resort Kyotang…

    This is an Instagram-worthy facility that is constantly introducing the latest trends. As a glamping accessory manufacturer, we have established a facility where you can easily enjoy glamping. Recommended for beginners, girls' nights out, and solo glamping. …