Mineyama & Omiya Area Experience the
Food Culture of this Small Town

Mineyama & Omiya Area Experience the
Food Culture of this Small Town

Mineyama and Omiya have many great shops and restaurants to experience the local flavors of Kyotango. There are a lot of unique cultural sites to visit as well.

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Start at KISSUIEN Stay & Food

This modern hotel is located centrally in Kyotango, making it convenient for both business and pleasure stays. There is a restaurant that is open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Visit Onojin Miso & Soy Sauce Factory

Founded in 1912 this is a miso and soy sauce factory. While preserving traditional production methods, they also create products to anticipate new needs. In addition to soy sauce they make a variety of fermented foodstuffs.


Visit Kotohira Shrine

Kotohira Shrine has unique guardian cat statues, rather than dogs, because they used cats to protect their silk worms from predators, thus supporting the local silk industry.


Try a fusion lunch at Restaurant Enishi

You can enjoy delicious Mexican food with a Japanese twist. Lunch includes classic tacos, quesadillas, and recipes received directly from a Mexican chef. From Enishi it is a short walk to Kintohira Shrine.


Mitsubachi 888 Cafe & General Store

Come here for a lunch made with good home-cooking and local ingredients. They also serve a cake made with local fruits and vegetables called Yasai sweets.


Get a fortune at Omiya Me Shrine

The guardian god of marriage, safe childbirth, prosperity of offspring, and cultural development is enshrined here. The Hato-mikuji, or pigeon fortunes, are said to bring good luck, and are very popular.


Buy local food and sake at YAMASHO Itotome Eat

This supermarket carries a wide variety of local foods and organic produce. Including the famous botamochi (rice cakes) and local sake that cannot be found anywhere else are available here.


Enjoy the view from Centrale Hotel and soak in the hot spring

The hotel is built on top of a small hill in Kyotango City, with a natural hot spring and a green garden overlooking the city where BBQ parties can be held in the summer.