Tango Area Feel the Sea Breeze while
Exploring the San’in Kaigan Geopark

Tango Area Feel the Sea Breeze while
Exploring the San’in Kaigan Geopark

Explore the stunning geopark in this out and back route. The coastal scenery in this area is very dramatic in particular the views of Tango Matsushima and

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Start at Ukawa Onsen

This onsen features two bathhouses one facing the blue Sea of Japan, the other a mountain hot spring surrounded by bamboo groves.There is a restaurant and lodges to stay in.


See the Sodeshi Rice Terraces

Selected as one of the 100 best terraced rice paddies in Japan, the 400 paddies here are a result of the long history of humans working in harmony with nature.


Stop at Rest Konoshiro

A restaurant with a spectacular view overlooking the sea. Here you can enjoy homemade food in a casual atmosphere. There is a farm area where you can interact with horses, and also a BBQ area is available. Open only on Saturdays and Sundays.


Enjoy the View at Tango Matsushima

This string of islands takes its name from the pine covered Matsushima islands which are one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. The beautiful silhouettes of the islands at sunrise and sunset are impressive.


Learn some local History at Onaru Kofun

Located on a hill overlooking Tateiwa rock, An observation area has been set up at the site, which offers a spectacular view of the Sea of Japan. It is designated as a cultural asset by Kyotango City.


Do some light shopping at Tenki Tenki Tango

This roadside station has lots of great local products to enjoy, and a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch, or get an sweet treat. There is also a small geopark muesuem where you can learn about how Japan formed millions of year ago.


Experience the Geopark at Tateiwa

Tateiwa rock, one of the most famous geo-spots in Kyotango, the dynamic rough waves of the Sea of Japan make for a spectacular view from Tenki Tenki Bridge.


See the Harbor at the Taiza Harbor Bridge

Spanning the Taiza fishing port is the 540 meters long cable stay Taiza Harbor Bridge. Here the elusive Taiza crab, among other seafoood, are landed.


Take a break at Shiro Shima Park

This island is surrounded by a rocky beach, and has a park sheltered by pine trees. It is ideal for family fishing and playing on the rocky beach.


Have a Snack at Taiza Terrace My Sunshine

A stylish café on a hill overlooking the sea, serve seafood pizza, ice cream and much more. There is a large Taiza sign and observatory outside, you can take a breather on the terrace and enjoy its spectacular view.


Head back to Yoshino no Sato