Enjoy Seasonal Desserts &
Picture-Perfect Scenery

Enjoy Seasonal Desserts &
Picture-Perfect Scenery

This course has lots of great photo opportunities including the beach-swing on the stunning Yuhigaura Beach. There are also delicious sweet shops along the way if you want to take a break. Enjoy the shorter ride at your own pace, relax at the beach, and have some tasty treats.

Course Map

Rental Information

Store Name
5 Aminochō, Kitsu, Kyōtango, Kyoto 629-3241
Open year-round
Open Hours
8:30am – 4:00pm
Phone Number
Regular Bikes:
1 day / ¥500
* There are no bikes for children
Rental Duration
From 9:00am
* Reception is open until 3:00pm
No. of Bikes
4 Regular Bikes
Rental Method
Please complete the Rental form
Other Comments
Bicycles can be returned at any of the designated locations:

Fukumatsu Cafe – before 4:00pm (closed on Tuesdays)
Kanihan – before 5:00pm
Kashoen (hotel), Ujo Soan (hotel), Ichiboukan (hotel), Hanare-kai (hotel), Hanare-fuka (hotel) – before 6:00pm

Start at Fukumatsu Cafe

Borrow a bike from Fukumatsu Cafe, it's right infront of Yuhigaura Kitsu Onsen Station.

Business Hours: 9:30am - 4pm *Closing time for other bike return locations varies.
For more details click 'Rental Info' above

Ride about 15 minutes


Hamazume Fishing Port

Heading towards the Hamazume Fishing Port the sea-breeze will wash over you as you leave the ryokan district of Yuhigaura.

Next to a sign marked with a bicycle, you will see a small shrine, dedicated to Ebisu, god of fishing and luck, that looks out over the fishing port. Also perched on a hill overlooking the sea is Shibuhi Shrine. It has been quietly watching over Yuhigaura since ancient times.


Kyotango 135°EAST

In the mornings, you can hear the clanging of looms coming from pockets of this quiet town . Kyotango is the birthplace of the famous Tango Chirimen, a type of silk crepe. It is the largest silk producing area in Japan.

Attached to the gallery is Kyotango 135°EAST, they offer a SUP (stand-up paddle board) experience at Yuhigaura Beach. You can also take a break and enjoy the view of the ocean from their seating area.
Reservations are required for the SUP experience, and separate fees will apply.


Yuhigaura Beach Swing & Hamazume Sunset Hill

If you're after a photo opportunity, then this is the place. Yuhigaura Beach, famous for its beautiful sunsets, spreads out as far as the eye can see. The large driftwood swing, called 'Yurari', is a very popular photo spot.

Nearby is the Yuhigaura monument at the Hamazume Sunset Hill, a great spot for a memorable selfie.

Ride about 10 minutes


Royal Merry

This delicious soft serve ice cream comes topped with thick, rich flavored honey, and a wedge of crispy honecomb from local hives rght here in Kyotango.

Ride about 2 minutes


Kani Ichiban (Strawberry Picking)

You'll know your in the right place thankd to the giant crab statue. Here you can buy locally produced goods and also, pick strawberris from January to May (weather dependant).


Desserts & Souvenirs

The store Japanese Confectionary Ann offers a variety of Tango's famous local confections and homemade sweets.

You can also find Matsuzakaya just across the street, which sells a wide variety of liquors from the Tango region.

Ride about 1 minutes



After returning your bike, head out to Kanihan, which offers a wide variety of seafoods, seasonal produce, and sweets.

This is a good spot to pick up local souvenirs and gifts, as a memento of your adventure.