Uchiyama Beech Forest


Uchiyama Beech Forest, located in Omiya, is the largest beech forest in the Northern Kinki region, spanning across a slope at over 450 meters in altitude. This forest is a treasure chest of nature, being the home to not only beech trees but maple, Japanese elm, and more than 300 types of plants.

Beech forests in Kinki are distributed along an altitude of 600 meters and above, but in Kyotango, beech trees can be found at an altitude of 400 meters due to the snow accumulation in the area. Located at an altitude of 680 meters, a little below the peak of Takayama (altitude 702 meters), is “Uchiyama’s Big Beech”, the largest beech tree in Kyoto Prefecture. At chest-height its trunk circumference is 3.65 meters, it stretches to an overall height of 32 meters, and has an estimated age of 350 years old.

Refresh your body and soul by bathing in the crisp, forest air!


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