Shun Megumi Restaurant Resorpia Kumihama

  • resorpia

    Shun Megumi Restaurant Resorp…

    Making use of the best ingredients in Tango and neighboring Tajima, the head chef makes luxury dining with exquisite attention to the finest details. You'll feel at home here thanks to the friendly service. The flavours, skill and presentation come together to make a lovely dinning experience. &n…

  • the spice


    THE SPICE is a restaurant with 3 styles, enjoy a spicy curry lunch at a restaurant, a coffee and desert at a cafe, or even dinner at a pub. All set within a lovingly restored 3-storey wooden building from the Taisho period (1912-1926). As our restaurant our goal is to bring your belly and taste b…

  • waterside cottage Heron

    You can expect a warm welcome at this waterside hotel and restaurant facing Kumihama Bay. They use seasonal, local fish, fruits and vegetables to produce a simple menu that anyone can enjoy. The deserts are also made by hand, and we recommend the traditional English cake, Victoria sponge. Using a…

  • Gosho Inaba Honke

    The restaurant “Ginsho-sha,” which has a 215 years history, where you can enjoy Kyotango's local food, barazushi (sushi rice with various toppings sprinkled on it which was originally served as a celebration) and freshly-made “bota-mochi” (rice cake with sweet bean paste). You can also purchase l…

  • Roan Kumihama

    This restaurant is the second branch of the soba restaurant Roan Matsuda which has been awarded One Michelin star. You can enjoy the great soba at reasonable prices.

  • Reception Garden

    The restaurant is located at Mt. Kabuto, and specializes in fresh seafood caught in Kyotango. You can enjoy great food in the natural atmosphere surrounded by the green forest.

  • Kumihama SANKAIKAN Restaurant…

    This restaurant is attached to the souvenir shop: Kumihama SANKAIKAN. All you can eat buffet is *800 yen for adults on weekdays. *The Price is different on weekends. A lunch special is also available.

  • Dairy Kitchen Sora

    Dairy Kitchen Sora is an ice cream shop and café. Next door is a farm with Jersey cows which provide all the milk for the ice cream, cheeses and other dairy based products, all made with the freshest milk possible. In addition to soft serve ice cream there is a range of gelato flavors to enjoy. …

  • Italian Cuisine Aonone

    Their Italian recipes makes the best use of in season ingredients, sourced from Kyotango and neighbouring Tajima.

  • Mitsunabe (Kumihama)

    This Japanese restaurant is situated in front of Kumihama Bay.

  • Atari Nakatari Seno Udon Shop

    A locally popular udon noodle shop open since 1929.