Hachigatsu no Neko – The August Cat

  • Hachigatsu no Neko – Th…

    Through a combination of local and Okinawan ingredients they produce a range of dishes that are kind to the body.

  • waterside cottage Heron

    You can expect a warm welcome at this waterside hotel and restaurant facing Kumihama Bay. They use seasonal, local fish, fruits and vegetables to produce a simple menu that anyone can enjoy. The deserts are also made by hand, and we recommend the traditional English cake, Victoria sponge. Using a…

  • Gosho Inaba Honke

    The restaurant “Ginsho-sha,” which has a 215 years history, where you can enjoy Kyotango's local food, barazushi (sushi rice with various toppings sprinkled on it which was originally served as a celebration) and freshly-made “bota-mochi” (rice cake with sweet bean paste). You can also purchase l…

  • Torimatsu

    A Japanese restaurant which has over 80 years of history. The owner takes great pride in using locally caught fish and locally grown vegetables. Kyotango’s local food ‘barazushi’ is the main feature of this restaurant. In winter, they serve a snow crab course which attracts customers from all over…

  • Ton’s Kitchen

    A barbeque restaurant located in Tango Kingdom Shoku-no-Miyako: the largest load station in Western Japan. The restaurant specializes in Kyotanba Kogen Pork: high-quality branded pork from Kyoto. This pork is characterized by its fat, which is smooth and juicy and melts as you eat it. The restaurant…

  • Kanihan

    Currently closed to reduce the spread of Covid-19   This restaurant is attached to a souvenir shop which carries fresh seafood, local souvenirs and so on. It has convenient access from the Yuhigaura Kitsu-onsen Station. As the town is near the sea, seasonal fresh seafood is available all …

  • Innovative Cuisine Takashima

    This restaurant is situated in Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-Sato. It  specializes in fresh seafood caught in Kyotango. You can enjoy the fresh seafood to your heart’s content.

  • Tempu

    The soba restaurant Tempu offers authentic buckwheat soba noodles. This nourishing and tasty soba is made from organic buckwheat. A simple yet satisfying dish that is loved by soba lovers. Lunch set or lunch special are available.

  • Roan Kumihama

    This restaurant is the second branch of the soba restaurant Roan Matsuda which has been awarded One Michelin star. You can enjoy the great soba at reasonable prices.

  • Reception Garden

    The restaurant is located at Mt. Kabuto, and specializes in fresh seafood caught in Kyotango. You can enjoy great food in the natural atmosphere surrounded by the green forest.

  • Kumihama SANKAIKAN Restaurant…

    This restaurant is attached to the souvenir shop: Kumihama SANKAIKAN. All you can eat buffet is *800 yen for adults on weekdays. *The Price is different on weekends. A lunch special is also available.

  • Dairy Kitchen Sora

    Dairy Kitchen Sora is an ice cream shop attached to the café. Pizza is served on weekends and national holidays.