Kuiya 918


This restaurant specializes in ‘tamago kake gohan’, raw egg over rice, and even offers 5 different types of egg, to choose from. The eggs are all from the north kinki area and are of the highest quality.

There are also 3 different types of soy sauce to choose from, as well as two different toppings for the rice: ‘shirasu’, or whitebait and ‘hijiki’, a type of seaweed salad. You can also get unlimited refills of rice, miso soup and the rice toppings.

They also regularly have deserts based on seasonal fruits.


‘Tamago kake gohan’ set meal, why not compare all 5 eggs.


Business Name Kuiya918
Business Hours 11am-5pm
Holidays/Closed Tuesday - Thursday (open during long holiday weeks)
Address 123 Yasakacho Tottori, Kyōtango, Kyoto 627-0133
Language Support Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken
Website https://www.instagram.com/kuiya918/?hl=ja