Amino Chirimen – Walking Tour


During this course you'll have a chance to learn about one of Kyotango's most important exports. For 300 years chirimen silk has been produced in Kyotango. This special fabric is still shipped to kimono makers across the country and is used to produce top of the range kimono. You'll also get to dye your very own silk handkerchief which you can take home as a souvenir.
*This sample itinerary was inspired by a tour we conducted recently. Kimono hire, as in the photos, is not usually available.*


3 hours


Spring and Autumn




  • See a modern factory where chirimen silk is made
  • Visit an extensive gift-shop where everything is made from chirimen
  • Hand dye a chirimen silk handkerchief with a pattern of your choice


Walking Tour Around Amino

This walking tour will take you around the quaint town of Amino. You'll get to learn about chirimen silk, visit a historic shrine, and get hands on with dyeing your own chirimen silk handkerchief.

Take a short walk

Headout After Lunch

After having lunch at one of Amino's delightful cafes take a walk to Tayuh Textiles, while admiring the traditional wooden houses in the area. The parking lot at Amity Tango has plenty of space making it a good place to set off from.

Walking map to Tayuh Dining in Amino

Visit Tayuh Textiles

Tayuh Textile Factory

At Tayuh you can see the looms weaving the delicate silk threads into sheets of fine chirimen fabric. They will also share the secret of how chirimen gets its characteristic dimpled texture.

Tayuh Textiles Home Page (Japanese Language)

Gift Shop

The gift shop at Tayuh has a wide range of goods all made with chirimen silk as the only, or primary component.

Walk to Amino Shrine

Leave Tayuh and Head to Amino Shrine

Walking route from Tayuh Textiles to Amino Shrine

Amino Shrine

Visit Amino Shrine

Visit Amino's largest Shinto Shrine. Learn about some of the local history, and buy a good luck fortune.

Shrines in Amino Amino Shrine Homepage (Japanese Language)

Walk to Amity Tango

Handkerchief Dyeing at Amity Tango

Decorate Your Own Chirimen Souvenir

Express your creativity by choosing your favorite stencil and applying colors however you choose. After you've finished, a staff member will iron your handkerchief to set the colors. Then you can take it home as a keepsake to remember this special fabric. They make great gifts, or a decoration to hang on the wall. Make sure you book in advance, link is below. Read more about our tour on the other link below

Chirimen Handkerchief

1650 yen

Cotton Handkerchief

1100 yen

Handkerchief Dyeing Activity The Quest for Silk Tour - More Info