Pango Tango

  • Pango Tango

    This bakeries whimsical sounding name comes from a portmanteau of the local area "Tango" and "go get bread" (bread=pan). It's a name you won't soon forget. It's conveniently located 5 minutes by car away from Amino Station, next to the crystal clear waters of Hatchohama Beach. You can enjoy the v…

  • Shinkai-so

    The main cooking you'll enjoy here is locally caught seasonal seafood. You'll be able to use the onsen hot spring as well. The seasonal local fish kaiseki course is highly recommended *Reservations are required

  • Ebisuya

    You'll be able to spend some time in Kyoto's oldest hot spring, established in the Nara period (8th century). Popular with authors in the early 1900s the original building is still here, you'll be able to see the study where literary works were created. We use local rice, local organic vegetables…

  • Cafe Kousyumaru

    A couple just setting off from 60 are taking it easy while running this cafe. Enjoy seafood and sweets in this charming seaside spot. The regularly closed days and opening and closing times are estimates at best :)

  • Royal Merry

    This delicious soft serve ice cream comes topped with thick, rich flavored honey, and a wedge of crispy honeycomb from local hives right here in Kyotango.


    Opened in June on the second floor of the newly renovated Torimatsu restaurant, MATSUTARO cafe and restaurant has a stunning panoramic view over a rural landscape. They have a wide variety of dishes on offer from delicious seafood dishes (seafood bowl, nigiri sushi), the local speciality barazush…

  • Terikichi

    The owner, who is also a broker for snow crabs in the winter, has a motto "only by offering the enjoyment of the real thing, makes for honest trade". The friendly staff at Terikichi look forward to welcoming you.   Recommendation: A chance to get a real taste of local food.


    Run by a former hotel chef this cake shop sells delicious cakes, cookies, and a range of other baked goods. They use fresh milk from their partner, Nomura Ranch, as well as locally grown fruits, to give a local Japanese take on western classics.   Recommendations: Madamu (a soufflé che…

  • Torimatsu

    This Japanese restaurant has over 80 years of history, and maintains a reverence for traditional Japanese cooking while looking abroad for inspirations for new recipes. Renovated in 2023, the first floor is the traditional Torimatsu restaurant which has luxurious 'Kaiseki' dining. The dishes will…

  • Kanihan

    Currently closed to reduce the spread of Covid-19   This restaurant is attached to a souvenir shop which carries fresh seafood, local souvenirs and so on. It has convenient access from the Yuhigaura Kitsu-onsen Station. As the town is near the sea, seasonal fresh seafood is available all …

  • Acacia Farm

    Using fresh milk produced every morning and locally sourced produce this dairy farm make gelato, soft serve ice cream and custard pudding.   Recommendation: The soft serve ice cream and the Kotohiki beach salt gelato.