"Hekisui En" was a building originally relocated from the back of Nyoi-ji Temple (Kansai Flower Temple), which was build in 1804. However, in November 2020, it was reopened as "HEKISUIEN" while retaining its elegance.There is also a bakery on site, offering freshly baked bread and coffee.The eat-in…

  • Yusai Resort Hibiki

    Limited reservations, 7 groups a day. All the rooms in this sophisticated inn come with a private open-air bath with a spectacular view. All guest rooms have a grand view of the Japanese sea in all its power and serenity, its expression changing with each season. Spend quality time with your loved o…

  • Shorenkan Yoshinoya

    Located in the town of Taiza in Northern Kyoto prefecture on the Kyotango Peninsula along the Sea of Japan. Enjoy meals with the freshest and finest seasonal seafood including Taiza crab (high quality brand snow crab), abalone, shrimp, sea bream, sea urchin, squid, yellowtail and more. …

  • Ryokan Hamanoya

    A cozy inn by the sea. Enjoy sunset views from the open-air bath in our annex, and relax in your room with meals served to you in your room. You also have the option to rent out the entire main building, located a short distance from the annex.

  • Oyado Yakichi

    Our cozy inn feels like you are at a Japanese home in the countryside.  We are the closest inn with a natural hot spring bath to Kotohiki-hama Beach! Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine made proudly by our chef. Also, take in the spectacular views of Kotohiki-hama Beach from the hill.

  • Kasyouen Hotel

    All rooms face the sea. Its location on top the hill above Yuhigaura let guests look out over the beautiful Sea of Japan and the town below. Enjoy a hot spring bath with a spectacular view of the sunset, as well as seasonal delicacies.

  • Ichiboukan Hanare Kai

    An inn reminiscent of a Japanese-style boat house overlooking the Sea of Japan. There are 15 guest rooms in total, some with an en suite open-air bath. Spend a day relaxing on the veranda or in one of our spacious semi-double beds while enjoying views of the sea and river, a luxury that is hard to b…

  • Kashoen Bettei Fuka

    A luxury hotel exclusively for adults. Each floor has just 3 rooms to create a spacious area, all rooms have an ocean view and private hot spring bath with panoramic views. Relax in this quiet, private space with your loved ones while enjoying delicious cuisine made with local Tango ingredients.

  • Resorpia Kumihama

    Magnificent views of the bay can be seen from each room at this hotel located on top a hill along Kumihama Bay. In addition, this cozy hotel prides itself on its pleasant service and the chef's care and attention given to making each dish.

  • Ukawa Onsen Yoshino no Sato

    This accommodation is popular for its natural hot springs that gush out from 1,200m underground. Of course, those visiting just for the day can also use the hot springs. The views from on top the hill overlooking the Sea of Japan and the hot springs are popular features of this accommodation.

  • Kaisyu

    Newly renovated in April 2023 featuring new scenic private open-air baths on the 6th & 7th upper floors. This inn can be foudn in Yuhigaura Onsen and specializes in cuisine. All guest rooms have a view of the Sea of Japan. In the summer, you can enjoy swimming at the beach right out front. In w…

  • Romantic Sunsets Ichiboukan

    It is only about a 30 second walk from the hotel to the beach where you can see beautiful sunsets. Choose from 5 types of guest rooms, including rooms with garden views, ocean views, and stone bath. You can also enjoy a soak in the spacious private open-air hot spring bath. For dinner, enjoy plenty …