Getting Here and Around (by Train)

Getting around in KyotangoBY TRAIN

Kyoto Tango Railway (KTR) Miyatoyo-Line

The local train line in Kyotango is owned by a private rail company so National JR-Passes cannot be used. Please see the links for regional JR-Passes which can be used in Kyotango, and timetables and route finder.

How to ride the train

  1. Please wait for the train behind the yellow line.

  2. Please board the train from the door at the rear of the lead car.

  3. Each passenger should take a ticket from the ticket dispenser next to the door. *Please buy tickets from ticket counters in advance where possible.

  4. Please check you fare on the fare display screen next to the driver’s seat.

  5. When leaving the train please place your ticket and fare in the fare collection box by the exit door. *Pre-purchased tickets can be placed in the box too.

  6. Please watch your step as you get off the train. Thank you for travelling with us.