Getting Here and Around (from Ine)

Local Area
INE - Kyotango

  • The local train line in Kyotango is owned by a private rail company so National JR-Passes cannot be used. Please see the links for regional JR-Passes which can be used in Kyotango, and timetables and route finder.

    Suggested Train routes

    Ine to Amino

  • The local Tankai buses have a maximum fare of 200 yen in Kyotango, 100 yen for children 6-12, children under 6 are free. Select routes may be more expensive if traveling long distances.

    How to ride the Tankai bus:
    When riding the Tankai bus please board from the back door, and take a ticket. When you get off the bus; put your ticket and the fare into the box near the driver and get off from the front door.
  • With a valid driving licence renting a car from Amanohashidate (Miyazu), Kinosaki, or Toyooka is a convenient way to get to Kyotango and see the sights at your own pace.

    Rental car companies

    Toyota Rent a Car


    Road rules and information


    Drive Plaza DoRaPuRa


    Google maps

    Google driving map from Ine