Shorenkan Yoshinoya

  • Shorenkan Yoshinoya

    Located in the town of Taiza in Northern Kyoto prefecture on the Kyotango Peninsula along the Sea of Japan. Enjoy meals with the freshest and finest seasonal seafood including Taiza crab (high quality brand snow crab), abalone, shrimp, sea bream, sea urchin, squid, yellowtail and more. …

  • Hashiudosou

    This inn takes pride in its cuisine, using delicious local Tango ingredients, such as seafood caught at the nearby port of Taiza. As well as vegetables and rice grown in the naturally rich Tango Peninsula.

  • Ukawa Onsen Yoshino no Sato

    This accommodation is popular for its natural hot springs that gush out from 1,200m underground. Of course, those visiting just for the day can also use the hot springs. The views from on top the hill overlooking the Sea of Japan and the hot springs are popular features of this accommodation.

  • Seaside Inn & Fine Dinin…

    A lone inn located right by Tateiwa (Standing Rock) the area's loved symbol and the beach on Tango Peninsula. Experience a stay that will unravel your soul with a theme based around stories about the area's sea, mountains, people and village. You will also be welcomed with seafood dishes of crab and…

  • Tango Resort Soraharuka

    Soothe away your daily fatigue in the natural open-air bath overlooking the Sea of Japan at Tango Resort Soraharuka. We welcome a limit of 4 groups a day. Experience the beauty of nature through the changing of the seasons. Spend a luxurious time by simply doing nothing or as you please. …

  • Jukaitei

    A cozy inn located on the Taiza terrace, reservations are limited to 8 groups per day. An inn for adults to enjoy the wonderful Tango scenery, fresh seafood, and local rice and vegetables of Tango.

  • Taiza Onsen Sumihei

    Founded in 1868. From the windows, you can see the vast horizon of the Sea of Japan and spectacular views in the evening. Relax in one of our 5 private baths. Enjoy the hot springs, meals by the hearth and heartfelt hospitality here at Sumihei.

  • Yadori Sanyoso

    Taiza Onsen Sanyoso has a history of over 100 years. Located in a port town where the traditional Japanese atmosphere remains. Come and heal your daily fatigue with cuisine made with fresh Kyotango ingredients and a panoramic bath with a view of the fishing boat lights shining out on the horizon.

  • Sora Umi

    A hidden inn in the Taiza hot spring village where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Tango. Enjoy a luxurious time in the magnificent outdoors of Kyoto by the Sea. In winter, we also recommend dishes using popular Taiza brand crabs and fresh local fish.

  • Seaside Inn Sodeshi – e…

    Would you like to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the quiet environment of Sodeshi?Rooms with ocean views and perfect access to the sea. Furthermore, even though it is an entire building rental, we are able to offer it at an affordable price.Create a special moment without worrying…

  • Umedasou

    This inn was founded over 50 years ago and is only 150m from the beach. They take pride in their crab dishes and vegetables home-grown by a vegetable sommelier.

  • Kanemitsu

    Enjoy a countryside holiday with various views of the Sea of Japan.